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Independent Non-executive Director

Updated: 14 Mar 2017
B53FFB4C1C3348B8ADCD0F797BE7E3D9   KWOK Chi Piu, Bill
Aged 64 
Director since 3 April 2000
Term of office: 16 April 2014 (re-elected) to 2017 AGM
Other positions held with HKEX group   HKEX - member of Audit Committee, Executive Committee, Panel Member Nomination Committee, Project Oversight Committee and Remuneration Committee, and chairman of Derivatives Market Consultative Panel
Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited - chairman of Disciplinary Appeals Committee
OTC Clearing Hong Kong Limited - chairman, independent non-executive director and chairman of Risk Management Committee
Other major offices   Wing On Company International Limited * - non-executive director (1992~)
Wing On International Holdings Limited - executive director (1991~)
Wocom Holdings Limited - managing director (1992~)
Past office   Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited - director (1991-2000) and vice-chairman (1997-2000)
Public service   Securities and Futures Commission - member of Committee on Real Estate Investment Trusts (2011~)
  Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) and Bachelor of Arts (Economics) (Stanford University, US)
Doctor of Philosophy (Biochemistry) (University of Chicago, US)
Senior Fellow (Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute)
* Currently listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited