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Risk Management and Platform Development

Updated: 24 Sep 2016

The Risk Management and Platform Development Division consists of seven departments and is headed by HKEX Group Chief Operating Officer Mr Trevor Spanner.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the HKEX Group enterprise risk management framework, policy and standards and also ensures the alignment, integration and consistency of risk management across HKEX Group companies.

Group Strategy & Project Management

Group Strategy is responsible for developing, incubating and overseeing the delivery of key strategic initiatives across the Group.  The team works hand-in-hand with HKEX Group’s operating teams across a spectrum of initiatives which include product and platform development, strategic market-facing projects, collaboration with other exchanges and industry players, and expansion into complementary and new lines of business.

Project Management is responsible for ensuring in-flight projects are delivered within budget and on schedule.  The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, working closely with project business owners to analyse the requirements and functional scope of new initiatives and to liaise and coordinate with IT teams, external stakeholders, vendors and service providers to devise product implementation plans, timelines and go-live strategies.  Project Management, together with Group Strategy and the senior management team, is also responsible for the prioritisation of business initiatives across the Group.

Group Credit & Quantitative Analysis

The Group Credit & Quantitative Analysis Department consists of three teams:

  1. The Group Credit Risk Management team is responsible for the monitoring of all credit risks faced by the Group.  The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the development and implementation of credit scoring models to rate HKEX members, investment counterparties and related sovereigns, and subsequently conducts credit risk assessment on these entities to ensure policy standards are met.  The team also ensures credit procedures and policy are regularly assessed and updated to reflect applicable risk appetite statements, regulatory requirements and the direction of the Risk Committee.

  2. The Group Quantitative Risk Model Development team is responsible for evaluating and modelling risk exposure to HKEX’s clearing houses.  The team also develops tools using advanced financing engineering techniques for data cleaning, product pricing, margining, model calibration, and back-testing for equity and derivative products.

  3. The Risk Policy, Systems & Strategy team is responsible for leading efforts across HKEX Central Clearing Counterparties (CCPs) in new risk management initiatives such as policy alignment reviews, risk reporting implementation and other clearing risk management related projects.  This includes, but is not limited to, identifying areas where efficiencies and improvements of existing risk management policies and/or systems, including capital & collateral savings for clearing members and market participants.

Mainland Technology Centre

HKEX’s Mainland Technology Centre is based in Shenzhen and works closely with the Information Technology Division and various business departments in developing new and innovative technological solutions that are to be deployed in HKEX’s upcoming initiatives to improve operational efficiency, reliability and security.

Mainland Commodities Platform

The team is responsible for developing a spot commodities platform in Mainland China that provides trading, clearing and settlement services with integrated financing, logistics and warehousing solutions.

Information Security & Business Continuity

Information Security & Business Continuity is responsible for data privacy and for HKEX’s information security strategy, policy and awareness. It is also responsible for developing, implementing and supporting HKEX Market Contingency planning, policies, procedures and activities across the organisation.

Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management

Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management is responsible for providing the divisions of the Group with all administrative services, including office administration and property and facilities management.