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Independent Non-executive Director

Updated: 25 Feb 2020
36843C4E8C014381A146D15285B48E2D   Apurv BAGRI
Aged 60
Director since 28 April 2016
Term of office: 24 April 2019 (re-elected) to 2022 AGM
Other positions held with HKEX group
  HKEX - member of Nomination and Governance Committee
Other major offices   International Wrought Copper Council - director (2013~)
Metdist Group of Companies, London - president and chief executive officer (1980~)
Public service  
Higher Education Funding Council for England - board member (2014~)
London Business School - chairman of governing body (2014~)
Royal Parks Board, England - chairman (2008~)
Dubai Financial Services Authority - director (2004~)
Crown Estate Paving Commission, England - commissioner (1996~)
  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Cass Business School, City University London, UK)
Doctor of Science (Honoris Cause) (City University London, UK)