Management Committee

Management Committee is the management decision making body chaired by the Chief Executive and authorised by the Board to carry out the following duties:
Management Committee members are:
Chairman of the Management Committee:
Charles LI, Chief Executive
Members of the Management Committee:
Matt CHAMBERLAIN, Chief Executive Officer of LME
Paul CHOI, Group Head of Human Resources (Acting)
Tori COWLEY, Group Chief Communications Officer
Adrian FARNHAM, Chief Executive Officer of LME Clear
John KILLIAN, Group Risk Officer
Romnesh LAMBA, Co-President
Vanessa LAU, Group Chief Financial Officer
Richard LEUNG, Group Chief Technology Officer
LI Gang, Head of Market Development
Ferheen MAHOMED, Group General Counsel
MAO Zhirong, Head of Mainland Development
Glenda SO, Head of Post Trade
Wilfred YIU, Head of Markets