Market Development

Head: Mr LI Gang

The Market Development Division is responsible for developing new revenue and product initiatives in both the international and Mainland markets, with a focus on our FICC businesses and related Mainland marketing, developing projects, overseeing QME, and incubating and executing strategic projects outlined in our 3-year Strategic Plan. It is organised into the following functions:

Strategic Projects Execution

Strategic Projects Execution is responsible for facilitating the incubation and rollout of our strategic expansion and development projects in the 3-year Strategic Plan; as well as working closely together with Head of Market Development to oversee the operations and discipline of the Division and manage relationships with external and internal stakeholders in order to maintain a work climate in the Division that is aligned with our corporate values.

Fixed Income and Currency Development

Fixed Income and Currency Development is responsible for the design and development of fixed income and currency products.

Commodities Development

Commodities Development is responsible for the design and development of commodities products, as well as promoting HKEX listed commodities products and managing LME's business in Greater China.

Mainland Client Development

Mainland Client Development is responsible for all Mainland client relationship management and marketing related functions.