Updated : 05 Jun 2019
MAO Zhirong
MAO Zhirong
Head of Mainland Development
Joined in March 2013
Other major offices
BCCL - director (2017~)
China Exchanges Services Company Limited 
- chief executive (2014~) and director (2013~)
Past offices
HKEX - Head of Mainland Affairs (2016), Co-head of Mainland (2015) and Head of Mainland Development (2013-2015)
Shenzhen Stock Exchange - several senior positions including director of strategy and international affairs, director of financial innovation lab and head of derivative product task force, and deputy director at member supervision department (2001-2013)
WellPoint Inc - various positions across functions including information technology, product development and risk management (1993-2001)
Bachelor of Arts (Economics) (Fudan University, China)
Master of Arts (Economics) and Doctor of Philosophy (International Affairs) (University of California, San Diego, US)