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Management Approach

Community Investment and Development

To reinforce HKEX’s commitment to the community, a Community Investment Policy has been approved by the Board. The policy, which is available on the intranet, sets out particular donation and sponsorship focuses to align HKEX’s community investment towards development goals or particular causes for the improvement of the marketplace, community and environment which HKEX values in the long-term. Geographical concern, key stakeholders’ concern, and synergy with HKEX’s corporate values and products and services are taken into account. The policy also sets out the approval procedures, the reporting requirement and the monitoring mechanism to further enhance accountability and transparency, and ensure effectiveness. To support community investment, a Charity Advisory Group in HKEX and a Charity Committee in the LME have been formed to discuss the budget allocation for charitable donations, and consider and monitor the progress of long term charitable programmes.
As a corporate citizen, the Group interacts and shares common interests with others in the community. In addition to assessing and managing the social impact of its operations, the Group is committed to developing partnerships with community organisations to address various community causes and create shared benefits.
Employee Volunteering

HKEX Volunteer Team was established in 2006 as a valuable means for HKEX to serve the community, foster its connection with the community, and engage its employees. The HKEX Volunteer Team Committee comprises representatives from different Divisions/Departments and is responsible for the planning, execution and coordination of volunteer activities for employees, as well as developing partnerships with community organisations and monitoring the outcome of the volunteer services for continual improvement.

HKEX is a registered volunteer organisation of the Volunteer Movement organised by the Social Welfare Department. The Company provides financial support to the Volunteer Team and organises relevant training to strengthen the skills and techniques of the volunteers in delivering volunteer services. An annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony, hosted by the Chief Executive/Chairman, is held to recognise and encourage employees who serve the community. In addition to the Awards for Volunteer Services granted by the Social Welfare Department to individual employees, HKEX also grants its own awards to individuals and Divisions/Departments for their individual contributions and joint efforts in volunteering. Employee volunteering leave has been introduced since 1 September 2010 to grant an additional day of paid leave (a one-day or half-day paid leave for performing at least 8 hours or 4 hours of volunteer service respectively) per year to employees who have participated in community service.
Fundraising for Community Causes
HKEX makes monetary and in-kind donations to different community causes including disaster relief, poverty relief, care for the disadvantaged and elderly, children and youth development, education, healthcare, and environmental protection. HKEX encourages a spirit of giving among employees by communicating up-to-date information on community needs and matching employees’ donation on a dollar-to-dollar basis on a number of occasions.

The Stock Code Balloting for Charity Scheme established by HKEX in 1999 provides a platform for the corporate sector to support social welfare services in the community. Under the scheme, listing companies are able to choose their own stock codes by making a donation to The Community Chest of Hong Kong, which acts as trustee of the funds raised and prudently allocates such funds to social welfare agencies in Hong Kong to strengthen and maximise their services to those in need.