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Core Principles and Objectives

Principles Objectives

Develop sustainable financial markets in Hong Kong

  • To protect and give priority to the public interest
  • To ensure customer satisfaction, including brokers, investors, issuers and other market participants
  • To identify and pursue opportunities for new and better products, services and business practices
  • To recognise and proactively respond to market changes and customer needs
  • To enhance product and service quality, and streamline processes
  • To use and maintain technology effectively and efficiently in developing and delivering products and services
  • To promote investor education and financial literacy
  • To promote CSR among listed companies and the wider business community

Achieve and maintain the highest standards of openness, probity and accountability

  • To operate and maintain fair, transparent and orderly markets with prudent risk management
  • To perform our duties with a high degree of integrity and honesty
  • To maintain a level playing field for all market participants, provide consistent and accountable frontline regulation, and maintain high standards of corporate governance

Create sustainable value for our shareholders

  • To continue leveraging on our core competencies to achieve organic growth
  • To evaluate business propositions in terms of costs and benefits to ensure commercial viability
  • To achieve sustainable profit growth through sound commercial and responsible practices

Engage supply chains that reflect our values and commitment

  • To promote good CSR practices among our suppliers and business partners
  • To help suppliers and business partners to follow our CSR policy and practices