Diversity and Inclusion.

We foster a diverse and inclusive community by celebrating our unique contribution and equalising opportunities.

Career Development of New Stars' at Workplace

Career development for students with special educational needs (SEN) is the focus of the three-year programme Career Development of New Stars’ at Workplace from Methodist Ap Lei Chau Centre. This programme aims to enhance the employability and adaptability of youth with SEN throughout the early stages of their career, from the assessment of vocational skills, training and internships, to job placement, on-the-job guidance, and counselling. High school students and school leavers are able to unleash their full potential and develop their interests with valuable hands-on experiences in the workplace supported by regular guidance and counselling.

Empowering Sexual Violence Victims in a Digital Age: Online Emotional Support Project

RainLily provides free specialised support services to victim-survivors of sexual violence. To address the growing number of cyber sexual violence cases, the three-year programme Empowering Sexual Violence Victims in a Digital Age: Online Emotional Support Project provides a specialised online support platform operated by trained counsellors. The programme provides training to equip teachers and social workers with the skillset to support victims of image-based sexual violence.

Empowering through Learning - Parent-child Language Programme for Junior NCS Students

Empowering through Learning from Oxfam Hong Kong helps South Asia ethnic minority (EM) women and children to integrate into their local communities. The 12-month project focuses on addressing the lack of cultural sensitivity faced by EM women and children through improving their Chinese proficiency and training them to be qualified teaching assistants who can deliver Chinese-language classes to younger EM kids in the long-term, promoting integration of EM families into local communities.

Inclusive Training Academy for Persons with Disabilities

Inclusive Training Academy for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) from New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association provides a training platform for PwDs to build their work capacity and connect with the local community. Through workshops, on-the-job training and coaching, the three-year programme enhances self-confidence, helps PwDs explore job opportunities, and fosters a more diverse and inclusive society.

Out of the Box: SEN Family Support Scheme

To support the rising number of families with children diagnosed with developmental disorders and learning disabilities, the two-year programme Out of the Box – SEN Family Support Scheme offers affordable therapy, training and guidance for children and their parents. Organised by The Association of Evangelical Free Churches of Hong Kong, the programme equips these families with social and emotional tools – using Multiple Intelligence Development, Applied Skills Learning, Music Therapy, and Speech and Communication Training – to deal with the challenges they face. These modules are supplemented with stress-relief and therapeutic training for parents, helping them build more balanced and healthy lives.

Side with Our Precious

Providing children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and their families, support to overcome academic, interpersonal and parental challenges, including those arising from the pandemic, is the focus of the 18-month programme Side with Our Precious from Louis Programme Training Centre Co., Ltd.. The programme centres on parental engagement, tailoring all-round teaching materials for SEN/ASD kids, and training up the parents to be a supportive companion on their journey of personal growth.

Sports Photography Inclusive!

Sports Photography Inclusive! supports the mental health of marginalised youths and those with Special Educational Needs (SEN) through the use of sports photography. During this 18-month programme, InspiringHK Sports Foundation Limited will encourage the youths to express their feelings through photography, using it as a channel to release their emotions and develop their career interests.

Stand by You - Supporting Cleft Lip and Palate Families

The power of peer support is harnessed to empower families living with cleft lip and palate (CLP) patients in the 18-month programme Stand by You – Supporting Cleft Lip and Palate Families from Hong Kong Association for Cleft Lip & Palate. Covering CLP patients of all ages, the Programme provides workshops and training sessions for families to ensure that patients receive appropriate care, treatment and rehabilitation services.

Step it Up for Gender Equality: Project to Enhance Economic Empowerment of Women

Providing women with start-up business training and mentoring, is the focus of the three-year programme Step It Up for Gender Equality: Project to Enhance Economic Empowerment of Women from Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres Limited. The programme empowers women by helping them to develop economic independence, and redefine gender roles by redistributing the division of labour in the community. Services provided by the programme include one-on-one business consultations, brand building advice, and family support services.

Step-Up – Together We Build an Inclusive Community with Love
Ensuring equal learning opportunities among Ethnic Minority children, youths with Special Education Needs (SEN), and mentally challenged youth is the focus of the three-year programme Step-Up – Together We Build an Inclusive Community with Love from The Methodist Church Hong Kong  Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service. Young people will be empowered to overcome language, cultural and learning barriers, through academic and strength-based learning. The programme also aims to raise public awareness on the issue.
Walking with You: Community Transitional Day Rehabilitation Programme
Day care, rehabilitation, transportation, social activities and day trips for elderly patients are the focus of the three-year programme Walking with You from Christian Family Service Centre. The programme also includes a post-discharge phone enquiry service, and training and consultations for caregivers. Walking with You supports elderly people in their rehabilitation, helping them to live an independent life with dignity.
WeTV Inclusion Media
To lower social integration barriers faced by persons with disabilities (PwDs), the three-year programme WeTV Inclusion Media from Hong Kong Federation of the Blind will train a group of PwDs to act as hosts and producers of various radio and video programmes, raising their self-esteem, while promoting inclusiveness among their listeners.
Wise NET E-Learning Inclusion Project

Enhancing learning opportunities for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) is the focus of the two-year programme Wise NET E-Learning Inclusion Project from Sheng Kung Hui St. Christopher’s Home Limited. The two-year programme includes an online platform with a variety of tools and workshops, and provides an assessment of all participants covering their family background and needs, to create personalised training, therapy, and family support services.