Walking with You: Community Transitional Day Rehabilitation Programme

Project by: Christian Family Service Centre

Walking with You, a three-year programme launched by the Christian Family Service Centre, offers day care, rehabilitation, transportation, activities and day trips for elderly patients, as well as a post-discharge phone enquiry service, training and consultations for caregivers. It supports people in their rehabilitation, helping them to live an independent life with dignity.


Career Development of New Stars’ at Workplace

Project by: The Methodist Ap Lei Chau Centre

Career Development of New Stars’ at Workplace, a three-year programme organised by the Methodist Ap Lei Chau Centre, aims to support the career development of students with special educational needs (SEN) by enhancing their employability and adaptability.

This programme supports youth with SEN throughout the early stages of their career development, from assessment of vocational traits, training and internship to job placement, on-the-job guidance and counselling. High school students and school leavers are able to unleash their full potential and develop their interests through valuable hands-on experiences in the workplace with regular guidance and counselling also offered.

Out of the Box: SEN Family Support Scheme

Project by: The Association of Evangelical Free Churches of Hong Kong

Out of the Box – SEN Family Support Scheme, a two-year programme, supporting the rising number of families with children diagnosed with developmental disorders and learning disabilities. It offers affordable therapies, training and guidance to both children with SEN and their parents, giving them the social and emotional tools they need to deal with the challenges they face. Services include Multiple Intelligence (MI) Development, Applied Skills Learning, Music Therapy, and Speech and Communication Training; encouraging children to express themselves. At the same time stress-relief courses and therapeutic training is also provided to parents to help them build more balanced and healthy lives.

Step it Up for Gender Equality: Project to Enhance Economic Empowerment of Women

Project by: Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres Limited  

Launched by the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres, the Step It Up for Gender Equality: Project to Enhance Economic Empowerment of Women empowers women by helping them to develop economic independence and redefine gender roles. The three-year project will provide women with start-up business training and mentoring, individual consultations, brand building, and family support services, helping them to start their own businesses. The programme helps redistribute the gender division of labour in the community, leading to greater gender equality. 

Wise NET E-Learning Inclusion Project

Project by: Sheng Kung Hui St. Christopher’s Home Limited

Wise NET E-Learning Inclusion Project, launched by Sheng Kung Hui St. Christopher’s Home, aims to make online learning more accessible to children with special educational needs (SEN). It provides children with SEN with access to various digital tools and free online workshops on technology and web-based tools for digital learning. This two-year project also provides individual online assessment in order to evaluate the conditions and family background of children with SEN, followed by personalised training, therapy services and family support services.