Financial Smarty

Project by: Hans Anderson Club Limited

Hans Andersen Club uses the power of storytelling to encourage children to learn more about money in a vivid way through their three-year programme, Financial Smarty. Incorporating creativity with financial knowledge, the programme offers age-appropriate money related education to children of different ages through storytelling, social simulation games and online educational resources, helping them to create more positive spending habits and a healthy attitude towards money. Parents are also empowered to teach their children about better money management.



Project by: Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

MoneyWise, a programme established by the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, helps to cultivate healthy financial management habits among secondary school students through the reduction of impulsive financial behaviours.

The three-year programme equips youngsters with essential financial management skills as well as knowledge about different financial traps. The unique experiential learning model designed by the Society allows the students to experience different real-life scenarios and make their own financial decisions. Consultation and financial education workshops also guide teenagers in making proper financial decisions for the long term.