Wheelchair Own Sweet Home

Project by: 1st Step Association Limited

Wheelchair Own Sweet Home, a programme by 1st Step Association, aims to enhance the quality of life of elderly wheelchair users while helping senior citizens who are physically healthy return to the workforce.

The three-year programme will help elderly wheelchair users recreate a sense of self-worth and well-being. It prepares them to live independently by offering home care services, cooking and home safety classes, and home modification assessments. Elderly who are physically healthy will be recruited as volunteers to provide services to the wheelchair users, which at the same time enhances their employability by providing ongoing vocational training.

“HOME” Community Support Scheme for Person with Hoarding Behaviours

Project by: The Salvation Army

“HOME” Community Support Scheme for Person with Hoarding Behaviours by the Salvation Army motivates those diagnosed and suspected of hoarding to change their obsessive behaviours in order to improve their quality of life. Throughout the three-year programme, a multi-disciplinary team will provide assessments of the severity of hoarding behaviours, counselling, and home clean-out services to help the users detach themselves from the items they hoard, enabling them to gradually regain control of their own lives.