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CSR Core Values

In HKEX, we have established a set of CSR Core Values that reflect our unique position as the exchange controller and a listed commercial entity. They underpin our corporate culture, guide our behaviour in daily operations and when interacting with different stakeholders, and lead us to pursue our CSR vision.
Commercial Focus Competitive Technology Customers Matter Fairness and Integrity
  • We aim to optimise our shareholder value
  • We seek sustainable profit growth through sound commercial practices
  • We evaluate business propositions in terms of cost and benefit to achieve commercial viability
  • We use technology effectively to develop our products and services, and deliver them to our customers efficiently and cost effectively
  • We enhance our product and service quality and streamline processes, and meet new business demands through the use of technology
  • We strive to anticipate, understand and deliver to satisfy the needs of our customers
  • We serve a variety of customers including brokers, investors, issuers and other market participants
  • We are fully committed to soliciting our customers' comments on our products and services through consultation
  • We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and services
  • We operate our markets with fairness and integrity
  • We maintain a level playing field for all market participants, provide consistent and accountable front-line regulation, and maintain high standards of corporate governance
  • We maintain fair, transparent and orderly markets with prudent risk management
Innovation People Count Public Responsibility Team Collaboration
  • We identify and pursue opportunities for new products, services and business practices
  • We recognise and respond to market changes and proactively seek new and better ways to develop and deliver our products and services accordingly
  • We strive to attract, retain and develop high quality people
  • We care for our people and invest in their training and development
  • We provide a supportive environment where our people can perform to their potential
  • We recognise and reward performance, and strive to provide fair, competitive and transparent reward and recognition
  • We work for the greater good of Hong Kong
  • We respect and give priority to the public interest
  • We contribute to the further development of Hong Kong as a leading international financial centre
  • We care for our community and environment
  • We are one organisation and work as a team towards common goals
  • We share information and ideas effectively to achieve our goals
  • We promote open communication between all levels and encourage inter-unit co-operation