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Governance and Management

Updated: 09 Aug 2018
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee

The Board of Directors of HKEX (Board) has delegated the day-to-day responsibility for all CSR-related matters to the CSR Committee (formerly known as the Environmental, Social and Governance Committee).

The CSR Committee consists of 5 Board members, including the Board Chairman who acts as the CSR Committee's chairman, the Company's Chief Executive and 3 other Board members. The CSR Committee shall report to the Board on a regular basis.
  • Major roles and functions
  • List of members
  • Terms of reference

  • CSR Working Group

    The CSR Working Group has been established under a CSR Management System Framework endorsed by the CSR Committee. The CSR Working Group comprises CSR Coordinators from each Division and Department within HKEX and is primarily responsible for operating and maintaining the CSR Management System and promoting CSR awareness across the Company.
    • CSR Management System governance structure

    • CSR Management System

      Building on the above governance structure, a CSR Management System comprising implementation procedures, CSR guidelines and management system documents has been developed and adopted to further strengthen our management of CSR performance and CSR impacts arising from our operations.

      The CSR Management System has been formulated with reference to the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems standard and includes elements that are relevant to HKEX's business nature and operations. Accordingly, a CSR Manual which defines the CSR Management System and provides managerial direction and technical guidance for the implementation of CSR best practices has been established and made available to all employees via the HKEX Intranet. The CSR Manual is reviewed and revised by the CSR Working Group where and when necessary to support the on-going development of HKEX’s CSR commitment and initiatives in the changing business environment. Specific training on the implementation of the CSR Management System has been provided to the CSR Working Group and other representatives of each Division and Department within HKEX.