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Policy and Strategy

Our approach to CSR

As the "Global Markets Leader in the Asian Time-Zone", we understand that our responsibilities go beyond our status as just a stock exchange – our issuers, business partners and the wider community look to us to lead the way and set an example. Indeed, we continue to be an active and responsible leader, committed to the sustainable development of financial markets, and the promotion of responsible practices.

Seeking to reinforce our commitment towards sustainability, HKEX’s CSR Strategy has been set out within the context of HKEX’s overall business priorities, objectives, ambitions and values as well as the expectations of our stakeholders. Our CSR Strategy provides a framework in which we can better align our CSR goals with the global sustainability agenda; helping us to partner in initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the World Federation of Exchanges Sustainability Principles. We also provide platforms and encourage our colleagues across the Group to give their time and enthusiasm to initiatives that support the communities in which we operate and beyond.

CSR Policy

HKEX’s CSR Policy guides our business and operational decision-making; taking into account our responsibility to the market, our people, the community and the environment. It provides guidance on integrating the sustainability principles into everything that we do.

CSR Plan for 2019-2021

Our Purpose

As Hong Kong’s primary market infrastructure business, HKEX is dedicated to helping develop a sustainable financial market in Hong Kong, reinforcing Hong Kong’s role as an international financial centre. Beyond our statutory roles and responsibilities, it is also our ambition – even our obligation – to help promote prosperity in the society, not only from an economic but also from a social and environmental perspective. We regard our Purpose as:

“To promote and progress our financial markets and the communities they support for the prosperity of all.”

Key Themes and Focus Areas

HKEX has identified a set of focus areas that we believe will help us achieve our CSR ambitions. These focus areas are underpinned by two themes, which are defined as:

  • Reinforcing strong corporate governance as a key driver of business success; and 
  • Valuing diversity across our marketplace, workplace and community.

Furthermore, our CSR focus areas are categorised under three pillars, namely Markets, People and Operations, which are summarised in the following table. A broad range of initiatives have been defined and are being implemented in order to achieve the objective set for each focus area. Additional information about practices and initiatives adopted under these focus areas is available in HKEX’s annual CSR Report.

Markets People Operations
Corporate Governance Talent Development & Wellness Business Ethics & Integrity
ESG Reporting Diversity & Inclusiveness Environmental Stewardship
 Sustainable Finance Financial Literacy  Supply Chain Sustainability 
 Innovation & Entrepreneurship  Philanthropy & Volunteering Reporting & Transparency 

HKEX's CSR Policy and CSR Strategy are reviewed periodically to ensure their effectiveness and relevance in light of the evolving sustainability landscape.