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Major stakeholder groups of HKEX and engagement channels

Updated: 20 Mar 2017
Major stakeholder groups Key engagement channels and frequencies
Shareholders/ institutional and individual investors
  • Annual general meeting and notices
  • Regular corporate publications including financial statements
  • Circulars and announcements whenever necessary
  • HKEX websites
  • Direct communication with the Board via a designated email address
  • Analyst briefings on HKEX’s interim and year-end financial results
  • Meetings and responses to phone and written enquiries on a need basis
Market regulators
  • Bi-monthly tripartite meetings
  • Regular liaison meetings and ad hoc working meetings
  • Daily, monthly and annual reporting
  • Annual review of SEHK’s performance in its regulation of listing matters
  • Written application for approval regarding rules of the exchanges and clearing houses whenever needed
  • Cases referral for investigation from time to time
  • Attending to request for documents or witness statements on an ad hoc basis
Government bodies
  • Verbal and written communications on a need basis
  • Bi-monthly tripartite meetings
  • Responding to enquiries at Legislative Council meetings upon request
Listed/potential issuers and market intermediaries
  • Issuer seminars on implementation of changes to the Listing Rules
  • Market consultations on changes to Listing Rules
  • Publication of guidance materials including guidance letters and listing decisions whenever necessary
  • Investigation into listing compliance by making written enquiries
Exchange/Clearing Participants/ Members, Information Vendors and market participants
  • Regular consultative panel meetings
  • Regular briefings, seminars and discussions
  • Issuance of information packages, circulars, notices and surveys on a need basis
  • Market consultations on new proposals
  • Market rehearsals, connectivity and user acceptance tests before and upon launch of new/enhancement services
Mainland and overseas exchanges
  • Regular meetings on specific projects
  • Delegations for courtesy and training purposes
  • Signing of Memorandum of Understanding from time to time
  • Frequent verbal and written communications
  • Annual board meeting of World Federation of Exchanges
  • Participation in annual market surveys and trading information updates
  • Regular dialogue and staff exchange programme with other exchanges
Investing public and media
  • Regular media interviews and events, including annual media luncheon and media stand ups, guided visits and media briefings on HKEX’s financial results
  • News releases on major business updates
  • Regular media workshops
  • HKEX websites, WeChat and Weibo official accounts, YouTube channel
Non-governmental organisations, industry associations, professional bodies and market users
  • Market consultations on new proposals
  • Regular meetings and correspondences with market practitioners and related associations regarding listing/trading matters
  • Response to periodic assessments on HKEX’s sustainability performance
  • Monthly Executive Forum and quarterly Chief Executive presentations
  • Periodic employee engagement surveys
  • Town hall and focus group meetings whenever needed
  • Regular intranet communication
  • Regular Staff Club and Volunteer Team activities
Suppliers/business partners
  • Tender notices for procurement of products/services
  • Work inspection and supervision as scheduled
  • Supplier CSR Code of Conduct and CSR questionnaire for engaging key suppliers
  • Regular CSR-related seminars for suppliers/ business partners