Updated : 03 Oct 2016
Keynote Speakers
16ABF58AAE3D4E67B96009257363841B Charles Li
Chief Executive
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
E63E9EB74C1C4B83A08BA9748579B8D8 Haining Yin
EVP & Head of China Account Management
E332A02FBBCC457397B01F3348C3103E Lee Olesky
Chief Executive Officer
68FC6A01D1DF4B69AC6EE271D6DDF867 Ping Lian
Chief Economist
Bank of Communications Co., Ltd.
65A4482FD8444459B4A9C9CC74C60233 Vivek Pathak
Director East Asia & the Pacific
International Finance Corporation
F27115D9545A410BBBEB50EB19DF25A9 Alvin Hu
Director, Offshore Sales
89F918DEED0E4A4E870D3B50FE5E1A0A Ananda Radhakrishnan
Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP
6B1AC743A89A453FBFE87F4AEBDCD60C Andrew Bernard
Managing Director, Head of Asia
3029F4C3C10C43EC8777ED152AEBB5E7 Angus Hui
Fund Manager, Asian Fixed Income, Hong Kong
Schroder Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited
B7207A75D61C4585A898D3BCF8FF146F Calvin Tai
Head of Global Clearing (Asia)
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
2F7AE66E6A5041F98CB8725281935912 Christopher Yip
Director, Corporate Ratings
Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services
F00B20D276C04A789024D217C7E5ED59 Fan Liu
Business Director
China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd.
7258FFDB8F6E4F3D844889AC196CA79A Frances Cheung
Head of Rates Strategy, Asia ex-Japan
Societe Generale
5C2FD13B71A34B9FBBD960B3E5B09972 Gordon Tsui
Executive Director & Head of Fixed Income, Fixed Income Investment Department
Taikang Asset Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited
DC52013B788A4F30931B3D468593C094 Howard Hoskin
Head of APAC Fixed Income Electronic Trading
Bloomberg LP
C618859C396A4E19BE8B2825C0114969 Ivan Chung
Senior Vice President, Greater China Credit Research and Analysis
3FF749255F53465EBA7C5DB0BA530E69 Jim Li
Managing Director
China International Capital Corporation
BBC1BE3C519A4B92B510A42C8CD44E39 John Sun
Managing Director
CITIC Securities International
D86096624466491DA4299FF84F24323C Keith Noyes
Regional Director, Asia-Pacific International Swaps and Derivatives
Association, Inc.
0EE75EABD69B4439A16F8C8D22423171 King Au
Chief Executive Officer
BOCHK Asset Management Limited
CFD7CC8AB46B4B2F91B8783EEF50885A Li-gang Liu
Chief Economist, Greater China
ANZ Banking Group
D2131D6BC1014789899B65F384763FBD Mehrdad Farimani
APAC Head of Derivatives Clearing Services
89A7BE22A6194F7B86C0FF2471C3C430 Michele Leung
Director, Fixed Income Indices
S&P Dow Jones Indices
417C0A23A8A044FFBD5A0E4EE4F9C8A2 Paige Tan
Team Lead Evaluation for Asia-Pacific
Interactive Data (Asia)
F125EA4066154D13B2EA39D041DC9927 Patrick Law
Managing Director, Head of North Asia Local Markets and Co-Head of Asia NDF Trading
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
A8A519E5CB5444A7A1F03C8C45395F98 Patrick Pang
Managing Director – Fixed Income, Compliance and Tax
Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA)
EA27A5B358884999A7F2A8DFCF561C82 Philip Li
Managing Director
China Chengxin (Asia Pacific) Credit Ratings Company Limited
Ray Heung
Head of Sector Specialists, Asia
BNP Paribas
D1D34039B7464AC087C6F83C3251339E Richard Williams
Head of Treasury Transaction Sales, North Asia
Thomson Reuters
3859B6DDD288474A9EF4A00417709772 Sam Kim
Managing Director, Head of Trading & Liquidity Strategies Group, Asia Pacific
D72A93FF87C24E2C8F7A4100E7600CE7 Sharon Yang
Deputy CEO, Head of Sales & Business Development
GF International Investment Management Limited
725E16587C1243BCA6A1633A3FF5ECB2 Shaun Roache
Resident Representative in Hong Kong SAR
International Monetary Fund
6CE73709D0044B4A9D8162724A892A39 Steve Wang
Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income Research
Bank of China International
4156390922C24421896718E7DBC05A2F Steven Xiao
Chief Dealer, Fixed Income (CNY & CNH), Global Markets
Bank of Communications Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Branch
5CC6248338184248A90B59329B49E56B Tae Yoo
Managing Director, Head of Client Business Development & FIC Development, Global Markets Division
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
BFAAB771DD6541CB8869451B34B40380 Tai Hui
Managing Director, Chief Market Strategist, Asia
J.P. Morgan Asset Management
A23C3FE3FF1B458F8B0CA38DBC5E09D2 Tailei Wan
Executive Director, Head of Financial Innovation Department and International Cooperation Department
National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII)
FF7C7814E4EB4D4F8F7DA8EB0D8A2D51 Ting Lu
Global Head of Research and Global Head of Equity, Institutional Sales and Trading
Huatai Securities
BDBB60AEED814A05B14A96109F8DE890 Tom Orlik
Chief Asia Economist
Bloomberg LP
97B0F8D61DE549DFB981BBED6B1ABC73 Vincent Cheung
Deputy General Manager, Chief Dealer, Rates Trading Division, Global Markets
Bank of China (Hong Kong)
AC0F480751A54E5987A663E21C4F2C4F Wei Cui
General Manager, RMB Market Department
China Foreign Exchange Trade System
37CC30D49E644B828415FDBDFDB0B396 Wesley Kong
Head of the Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities
Haitong International Securities
1B2B28EE986D4A769BDDFE4167FC9DCD William Shek
Head of Credit & Rates, Asia Pacific
949586B3984A44849E8F76BD3E2F66CD Xiaoning Meng
Portfolio Manager in Fixed Income Division
CSOP Asset Management Limited
C81A1E47D32645CC9CFF854005E8DCAC Zhirong Mao
Managing Director, Co-Head of Mainland Division
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited