General Manager Asia Pacific
Calypso Technology

Mr Philippe Carrel is General Manager Asia Pacific at Calypso Technology, the leading provider of solutions for risk management and trade processing. Previously Executive Vice President at Thomson Reuters, leading data management and compliance services through a number of senior roles around the globe, Mr Carrel has extensive experience dealing securities and derivatives, advising banks and securities companies on hedging market risks, and preventing operational, regulatory and conduct risks.

Mr Carrel also founded Young Bankers Connect, a Swiss association promoting new ethics and values across the industry. In addition, he co-directed the Geneva Chapter of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), contributed to the World Economic Forum and to a panel with the Financial Stability Board.

A strong advocate of change in risk management methodologies, he authored the Handbook of Risk Management (Wiley Finance 2010, CITIC Press 2013), laying out the methodology for firms to develop a corporate culture of risk management. The author of a number of articles and white papers, he regularly lectures at high profile seminars, conventions and universities around the world on risk management and risk and regulatory compliance. He holds a diploma from ESCAE Marseille, France, and is a member of the French Grandes Ecoles network.