Head of Market Development, FX – Asia Pacific
Thomson Reuters

Mr Michael Go heads Foreign Exchange Market Development in Asia and is responsible for Financial & Risk’s FX franchise in the region, including pre-trade, transactions capabilities and post trade services. He is also responsible for business development of China’s internationalisation, across asset classes.

With over 25 years’ experience working in markets businesses of a number of international investment banks in Asia and Europe (including BZW, Barclays and ABN Amro), commercial banking in Australia (NAB) and in setting up an exchange to accommodate the move of OTC products to an electronic venue, he is well placed to support the market in the current regulatory climate. Mr Go also has extensive experience in the Chinese market, having worked with the regulators and central banking authority in China over a number of years.

He most recently held the role of Head of Markets which included responsibility for markets business and policy, a market news/ information business as well as the technology group along with ownership and charged with ensuring the IOSCO compliance of systemically important benchmarks.