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Corporate Social Responsibility

At HKEX, we understand that our corporate social responsibilities go beyond our status as just an exchange group – our issuers, business partners and the wider community look to us to lead the way and set an example.

Our Purpose

As we work to promote and progress our financial markets and the communities they support; we are always looking for new ways to reinforce our commitment to be an active and responsible leader. We focus on sustainable development, and the promotion of responsible practices across: Our Markets, Our People, Our Operations, specifically:

  • reinforcing strong governance as a key driver of business success; and
  • placing the highest value on diversity across our marketplace, workplace and the communities in which we operate.

These themes help us ensure that our commitment to good corporate citizenship is ‘brought to life’ through a broad range of complementary and relevant initiatives.


Our Markets.
Our Responsibilities.

As the global markets leader in the Asian timezone, we are aware of the vital role that we play in supporting and enabling the sustainable development of financial markets and society as a whole. We seek to reinforce our commitments to Our Markets through:

Corporate governance
Continuing to promote a culture of strong corporate governance and ESG management ourselves, and amongst our listed issuers in order to improve the overall quality of our markets.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting
Seeking to promote and enhance the governance and transparency of ESG behaviours and reporting. We believe this improves risk management processes and facilitates informed investor decision-making.

Sustainable finance
Working to advance low-carbon and responsible investing by facilitating the provision and adoption of socially responsible products in the market.

Innovation and entrepreneurship
Facilitating the growth of Hong Kong’s business ecosystem, as well as global markets, with a specific focus on the financial technology and biotechnology sectors.


Our People.
Our Responsibilities.

We know that a business which treats all its employees and stakeholders honestly, fairly and with respect is more likely to succeed than one that does not. And at HKEX, we cultivate a healthy, diverse and inclusive culture where everyone can fulfill his or her potential. We seek to reinforce our commitments to Our People through:

Talent development and wellness
Investing in the career and personal development of our people by offering a range of comprehensive benefits and training to ensure the physical, mental and financial wellness of our employees and their families.

Diversity and inclusiveness
Embracing diversity and equality in all guises; helping to foster an inclusive culture in our workplace and the wider community.

Financial literacy
Utilising our own expertise and resources to champion financial literacy in the community, believing that education underpins the long-term health of society.

Philanthropy and volunteering
By giving back to the community, we know we are helping to address the social and environmental challenges it faces.


Our Operations.
Our Responsibilities.

We seek to adopt responsible business practices which take into consideration social and environmental needs and demonstrate the business case for sustainability. We reinforce our commitments within Our Operations through:

Business ethics and integrity
Upholding the highest standard of ethics and integrity in all that we do. In particular reinforcing our corporate values of Integrity, Diversity, Excellence, Collaboration and Engagement.

Environmental stewardship
Responsibly managing the environmental impact of our operations, with a focus on energy saving and waste reduction.

Supply chain sustainability
Maintaining a responsible and ethical supply chain to promote better business and a better society.

Reporting and transparency
Communicating our CSR commitment and progress through transparent and relevant reporting.

Our Approach

As a leading global exchange business, our ambition is to lead by example in adopting best practice CSR activities. We seek to be an active and responsible leader committed to the sustainable development of global markets, and to promote responsible practices in our marketplace and the community. In order to achieve this, we have committed to continually reviewing our approach to CSR in light of the evolving sustainability landscape. We have established a strong governance structure and we actively engage our stakeholders on sustainability.


Governance Structure

Good corporate governance is the foundation for good corporate citizenship and sustainable business practices; helping to ensure the appropriate level of checks and balances, effective risk management and responsible decision-making.



Strategy and Policy

Building upon our existing expertise, HKEX’s approach to CSR helps us take a leading role in promoting the sustainable development of our markets and the communities in which we operate.



Stakeholder Engagement

With on-going dialogues, we understand our stakeholders’ views and expectations which enables us to develop our approach to CSR and better evaluate the resulting impact.


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