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Analyst Coverage

Updated: 10 Jan 2017
Firm Analyst
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Michael Li
BNP Paribas Dominic Chan
China International Capital Corporation
Sarah Tian Tian
Citigroup Darwin Lam
Lester Lim
Daiwa Capital Markets (HK)
Jonas Kan
Deutsche Bank AG Sukrit Khatri
Everbright Securities Annie Ni
First Shanghai Securities Ltd.
Lucas Wang
Goldman Sachs Gurpreet Singn Sahi
Haitong International Securities
Anthony Tanaka
HSBC York Pun
Harsh Wardhan Modi
Morgan Stanley Anil Agarwal
Morningstar Michael Wu
Nomura International (HK)
Haifeng (Craig) Cao
UBS Aakash Rawat
UOB Kay Hian Jasmine Duan


This page has been prepared by HKEX Investor Relations to provide information in relation to analysts who may make analyses and estimates of the performance of HKEX. The list is made based on the information obtained before posting and may not be the most up to date information.

The companies and analysts listed above are not commissioned by HKEX. Any advice, opinion, estimate or recommendation made by such companies and/or analysts regarding the performance of HKEX or its subsidiaries are theirs alone and do not represent views of HKEX or its management. Referring to the companies and analysts listed above does not imply that HKEX or its subsidiaries are endorsing or concurring, or  accepting any responsibility for or liability arising from the use of or reliance upon, any advice, opinion, estimate or recommendation provided by such companies and analysts.