Updated : 02 Jan 2024

As a destination market, and China gateway, uniquely positioned at the intersection of Chinese and international capital flows, Hong Kong has long been connecting China with the world and the world with China. And, with the accelerated opening-up of China’s capital markets, HKEX continues to be a pioneer at the forefront of this historic transition, shaping the Global markets landscape.

HKEX is a world-leading capital raising venue for Hong Kong, Mainland Chinese and international issuers. We also act as the frontline regulator of companies listed in Hong Kong.

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A wide range of products are traded on our markets, including equities, ETFs, REITs, bonds, structured equity products, equity index and single stock derivatives, currency futures and commodity derivatives.

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We offer a vertically integrated solution in all of our markets, acting as the clearing house and settlement system for on-exchange and certain over-the-counter transactions.

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We provide a comprehensive range of real-time, delayed and historic market data feeds related to our markets through multiple channels.

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LME forms the trusted reference prices in the global base metals market. Through our partnerships, we have also developed benchmark indices in onshore and offshore Chinese equities and the RMB exchange rate.

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We provide various ways to connect to our markets, and offer hosting and colocation services in our state-of-the-art data centre in Hong Kong.

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