Our Purpose
HKEX is a purpose-driven company. Our commitment to the long-term development of our business and our markets is articulated in our purpose: "To Connect, Promote and Progress our Markets and the Communities they support for the prosperity of all."

Our Vision
Our vision is to build the Marketplace of the Future by facilitating the two-way capital flows between East and West, by using our scale and reputation as a platform to support our stakeholders, and by capturing the megatrend opportunities that are shaping our markets and societies.

HKEX today operates in a highly competitive, dynamic industry, one that is rapidly transforming and being disrupted. We know that we need to continue doing what we are good at, but we also need to adapt and evolve, leveraging our strengths and ensuring that we are fully prepared for the future.


Nicolas Aguzin

Chief Executive Officer, HKEX



Strategic Imperatives

Connecting China
and the World
Build on our China strength to further facilitate capital flows between China and the World.



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Connecting Capital
with Opportunities
Enhance the depth, vibrancy and diversity of our markets while being a trusted global capital raising venue of choice.



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Connecting Today
with Tomorrow
Develop a platform business that modernises our infrastructure and allows us to take advantage of evolving megatrends.



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Presentations and Recordings


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Corporate Day Highlights



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