Ba Qing
Chief China Economist’s Office
Ba Qing works within the Chief China Economist’s Office; producing macro-level research related to the Chinese economy and our offshore market operations. She also regularly provides policy consultancy to senior management on topics related to Mainland market development. Ba Qing finds HKEX an exciting place to be and can see many opportunities for personal growth ahead.
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Connie Lam
Corporate Social Responsibility
Connie Lam works within our Corporate Social Responsibility and HKEX Foundation team. Together with her colleagues, she leads on the philanthropy initiatives of HKEX, addressing social and environmental issues and working to find new solutions to help bring prosperity to all. She creates bridges between our colleagues and partner NGOs so that we can all make a real difference to our communities.
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Erin Chung
IPO Vetting
Erin Chung works within IPO Vetting where she is responsible for vetting and processing IPO applications. Erin works in a diverse team with colleagues from many different backgrounds. By combining different ideas and perspectives, the team works together to develop optimum solutions which contribute to ever better performance.
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Angus Lee
Group Risk Management
Angus Lee works within our Enterprise Risk Management team. Together with his colleagues, he leads on designing and implementing business continuity enhancements across the Group; delivering on the commitments made within our Incident Management & Business Continuity framework. Angus also helps our teams to implement and test their Business Continuity Plans – all these help to ensure that HKEX can recover its services following an operational disruption.
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Raymond Sung
Hosting Services
Raymond Sung works within Hosting Services in our IT Division. He works with the Business Development team, helping to set-up our customer access to our data centre; enabling market participants to access HKEX markets. Raymond knows that his colleagues are experts in their respective fields. He gives and receives regular feedback. It’s how he continuously improves and he never stops learning.
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Sherry Wong
Human Resources
As one of our Human Resources officers, Sherry Wong focuses on assisting new joiners with their on-boarding, the administration of benefits as well as managing our Human Resources IT system. People are our greatest asset at HKEX, and she is proud of the supportive culture which allows every one to be their best.
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Veronica Ko
Veronica Ko joined as one of our Management Trainees in 2018, rotating across different functions at HKEX. She is currently in the Markets COO office, connecting teams across the business in order to deliver on our projects, programmes and initiatives. Veronica is delighted to be part of an organisation which passionately believes in giving back to the community.
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Vijay Varghese
Cyber Security Risk
Vijay Varghese manages cyber security risk at HKEX. He works with our business and IT stakeholders to ensure that the HKEX digital environment is safe, stable and secure for our employees, customers and market participants. In a world of rapidly changing technology, his role requires him to remain constantly updated with the latest innovation and technology.  It’s a unique opportunity to help support the stability and resilience of the world’s global markets leader in the Asian time-zone.
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Yoshi Yue
Fixed Income & Currency
Yoshi is one of our Associates within Fixed Income & Currency. She has been rotating between the FIC Development and Commodities Development teams, conducting market research and facilitating the launch of new products and services. Yoshi is fascinated by the pace of development within financial markets, and whilst at HKEX has increased her understanding of Hong Kong’s strategic connection between China and the World.
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Jessica Lee
Regulatory Compliance
Jessica works within our Regulatory Compliance team. Her responsibilities include reviewing and drafting new compliance policies and guidelines; advising on compliance matters and the interpretation of our policies. She also conducts compliance training for our new joiners and 'refresher' or 'tailor-made' sessions for colleagues from across HKEX divisions and functional areas.
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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.
Be Yourself and Belong. 
At HKEX, we are committed to developing a positive and progressive culture that is founded on our Purpose, Vision & Values; one that enables our people to thrive, meet their full potential, and that allows our business to achieve its strategic goals.

We invite all our colleagues to take part in regular ‘Living HKEX Culture’ events.  These help to deepen the  understanding of our culture, how it is formed, and how as  individuals we can all bring to life the ‘HKEX way’ in our everyday language, actions and behaviours. 


Careers at HKEX.
We offer a world of opportunities for those starting out as well as for those who are more experienced. We know that diverse thinking fosters better solutions, and we are committed to building an open and dynamic environment which allows our business to innovate and our people to thrive.
Diverse workforce
More than 40% of our employees are female
International reach
More than 2,300 colleagues are based in Hong Kong, Mainland China, London, Singapore and New York
Employee wellness
Introduced our first HKEX Global Wellness Challenge, supporting employees’ physical and mental wellbeing while raising funds for the communities
Community investment
More than HK$141 million was donated by the HKEX Group in support of many good causes

Source: HKEX CSR Report 2022.
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