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Financial Calendar

   Financial Year 2019

 First quarter results *
Date of announcement 8 May 2019
 Interim results
Date of announcement 14 August 2019 
  Interim dividend per share
(with scrip alternative)
Ex-dividend date for interim dividend 
27 August 2019 
Book closure period for determining
entitlement to interim dividend 
29 - 30 August 2019 
  Record date for interim dividend 30 August 2019 
  Despatch of scrip dividend circular
and election form 
4 September 2019 
  Announcement of scrip share subscription price  10 September 2019  
  Despatch of dividend warrants/definitive share certificates 
26 September 2019 
 Third quarter results *
Date of announcement 6 November 2019 
 Final results
Date of announcement February/March 2020 (tentative)

* No dividend was declared for this quarter and there were no book closing dates