Updated : 18 Mar 2024
Bonnie Y Chan Bio Photo  CEO

We saw many successes in our markets in 2023. With the 2023 HKEX Awards, we celebrate the diverse range of participants and stakeholders that make up our thriving ecosystem. I offer my congratulations to all the winners and my gratitude to everyone for their support of HKEX.

Bonnie Y Chan

Chief Executive Officer, HKEX

Product Highlights
Stock Connect

2023 included many notable milestones for Stock Connect.

  • From February 2023 onwards, up to 10 new days were added to the trading calendar per year.
  • In March, 1,000+ new stocks were added to Northbound trading and the first eligible international companies were added to Southbound.
  • The development of block trading functionality on Stock Connect was announced in August 2023.
  • Synapse launched in October 2023, improving efficiency and transparency on Northbound.
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Product Highlights
Exchange Traded Products

In 2023, HKEX registered record volumes and added more products to its ETP market.

  • ETP average daily turnover (ADT) reached a record HK$14.0b in 2023.
  • ADT of ETFs via Southbound reached HK$2.7b in 2023.
  • HKEX became the first Asian exchange to allow the listing of spot virtual asset ETFs.
  • The world’s largest and Asia’s first Saudi Arabia ETF listed on HKEX.
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Product Highlights
Equity Derivatives

HKEX’s derivatives market went from strength to strength in 2023.

  • Average daily volume (ADV) of equity derivatives reached a record 1.3m contracts.
  • Our MSCI product suite saw record month-end open interest 102,348 contracts in November 2023.
  • Open interest in Hang Seng TECH options (including index options and options on futures) surged 343% year-on-year to 112,426 contracts at the end of 2023.
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Product Highlights
Fixed Income and Currency Derivatives

2023 was a year of breakthroughs - with more to come in 2024.

  • A record 9 million USD/CNH Futures contracts were traded in 2023.
  • Swap Connect launched in May 2023, allowing international investors to trade and clear onshore RMB interest rate swaps for the first time.
  • China Treasury Bond Futures will launch soon, marking an exciting new milestone for Hong Kong’s RMB ecosystem.
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