Connecting China and the World

We expect that China’s capital markets will grow from US$30 trillion today to more than US$100 trillion by 2030 and we believe this will create a once-in-a-generation opportunity for markets in Hong Kong, Asia, and across the world.

This process - ‘The Big Bang of Finance’ - has the potential to significantly increase cross-border capital flows driven by international investors’ continued underinvestment in China’s capital markets; and Mainland China investors’ underinvestment in international assets.

Sitting at the heart of the most international city in China and the most Chinese city outside of the Mainland, HKEX is in a unique position as a facilitator, conduit and superconnector - facilitating the vital two-way flows of capital between China and the world.

Building on our unique China strength, we will continue to bring the China growth story to international investors, and help Chinese capital access global opportunities, by:

  1. Expanding and enhancing our Connect programmes
  2. Becoming China's go-to offshore risk management centre
  3. Solidifying our role as China's preferred offshore fundraising centre
  4. Growing our portfolio of China-related product offerings

Our goal is to be the go-to international market for capturing China-related flows and opportunities.


The Big Bang of Finance is a once-in-a-generation structural change in global finance driven by China’s continued growth, reallocation of household assets to capital markets and increased cross-border capital flows between Mainland China and international markets. As this takes shape, Hong Kong has a key role to play.

Nicolas Aguzin

Chief Executive Officer, HKEX





As a superconnector between China and the world, our objective is to be the go-to market for capturing China-related flows and opportunities.

Calvin Tai

President & COO, HKEX



MAO Zhirong
The China growth story presents a great opportunity for us, and our clients. By positioning ourselves as China’s premier offshore fundraising, trading and risk management hub, and embracing emerging megatrends, we are confident that we are well placed to play a major role in the future of the region’s global capital markets by connecting China with the world.
Mao Zhirong

Head of Mainland Development, HKEX