Updated : 03 Jan 2024
Developing tomorrow’s talent.

The HKEX Graduate Programme provides bright, ambitious graduates with an unrivalled foundation for a rewarding and challenging career in global markets. Our Graduates Associates and Technology Associates are fully immersed in a tailored 24-month development programme, combining interactive learning, financial skills training and senior management exposure, with stimulating on-the-job experience. They are offered the opportunity to work with industry leaders (both inside and outside the business), giving them unique insight & experiences, an outstanding network and the tools & opportunities to grow and succeed in a purpose-led organization. If this sounds good to you, then we would love to hear from you!


Meet some of our Graduated Associates.
Cyber Chan
Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

I started my journey at HKEX as a summer intern within Post Trade. This is where I first learnt about the functions that form the foundation of HKEX’s business, products and services. Post Trade’s coverage is very extensive, ranging from clearing & settlement services through to risk management, and onto custody servicing and collateral management, to name but a few.

Working across HKEX’s clearing and settlement system initiatives, my team works to leverage new technology in order to expand HKEX’s post trade services and enhance its service offering and process efficiency. Even as a new joiner, we are given the opportunity to become involved in high profile projects, programmes and initiatives. We are always encouraged to speak up and express our opinions in both internal and external meetings. The experience has undoubtedly been challenging with a steep learning curve, but it’s also been very fulfilling. I know that I can always count on my colleagues for their support.

Eric Ho
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, University College London

As a graduate from a humanities background, the Graduate Associate programme was hugely rewarding and eye-opening for me. The programme exposed me to how stock exchanges are operated and HKEX’s significance to Hong Kong’s financial markets. HKEX is a truly international and diverse organisation that offers rich exposure to young talents who are hungry to learn and thrive under a collaborative environment.

Throughout the programme, I was given autonomy to participate in many impactful and challenging projects. I was tasked to collaborate with different teams across the organisation and senior management, which enhanced my knowledge of the industry and helped me gain insights into how strategic decisions are made. I had the opportunity to rotate between various roles, ranging from taking part in coordinating listing policy initiatives to designing new equity derivatives products. What stood out to me is the great sense of purpose I get from the day-to-day tasks, as HKEX plays a mission-critical role in facilitating the capital flows of Hong Kong and China’s capital markets.

Raymond Lee
Bachelor of Arts in War Studies and Philosophy - King's College London
I joined HKEX after graduating from King's College London in 2015 and spending a year in the British Civil Service. HKEX's MT Programme has been a fantastic experience for me thus far, not only because of the multifarious roles HKEX plays in the financial market and the unique exposure it offers, but also the sheer amount of resources HKEX devotes to training and developing its employees.

I have had many unforgettable experiences within the Market Development Division so far, during which I have been given many opportunities to provide quantitative analyses and construct business narratives on different high impact projects. The speed with which I had to learn and deliver quality outputs on a timely basis has been especially challenging, but nonetheless rewarding. Every day within HKEX feels like a new day with new opportunities to learn new skills and further develop my career.
Howard Yeung
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) and Bachelor of Laws - The University of Hong Kong

As a law and social science degree graduate, I am privileged to join the Management Trainee Programme of HKEX. The programme offered unique experiences and tailored training opportunities that catered to each individual's career interests and aspirations. Now that I have graduated and started working in the Group Compliance Department, I handle projects and tasks that include engaging with regulators and collaborating with teams across HKEX to deliver on new business initiatives.

I particularly enjoyed the job rotation arrangement of the programme, through which I developed skills I would not get from my educational background. In one of my placements in the Data and Analytics team, I practiced coding skills and helped build market insights from raw data. While the work was challenging and demanded great attention to detail, it has certainly been rewarding to work in a supportive environment at the heart of Hong Kong’s finance industry.

Jessica Chang
Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems and Computer Science - The University of Hong Kong

Coming from a non-finance background and wishing to develop my career as an IT professional, HKEX offers many opportunities. It’s a working environment that really stimulates and fosters growth from developing interpersonal & communications skills through to strengthening my understanding of HKEX's role across the whole value chain of financial markets.

As an IT Management Trainee, we are expected to provide resilient, scalable and fit-for-purpose solutions to drive efficiency and align with latest technology best-practices. Rotating between the different functions was a steep learning curve, but I was able to participate in different projects from application design, and system integration to stakeholder management. This involvement allowed me to learn more about how smart technology solutions are supporting our business challenges and enhancing HKEX’s efficiency. The fast pace and hectic schedule is challenging, yet rewarding. I am excited about all the new learning opportunities ahead!

Ricky Wong
Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance - The University of Hong Kong
The HKEX Management Trainee Programme enables us to explore every service function of the Exchange – this enriches our exposure and promotes network-building within the industry. It becomes our edge as Management Trainees, and makes us the go-to-persons on cross-divisional collaboration. Moreover, the comprehensive training sessions have honed our professional skills, getting us ready to take on greater challenges ahead.

Having serviced different core functions and now residing with the Post Trade Division, I am offered on-going opportunities to work with great people and contribute to the Exchange’s key initiatives. Each day here is different for me, as I am given the chances to take part in various tasks such as business proposal drafting, regulatory engagement and data analytics. Taking up different responsibilities is a rewarding and I enjoy to be part of the Exchange.
Charlmane Lun
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Management - Imperial College London

As a graduate from a non-finance background, the Management Trainee programme was hugely beneficial for me, providing an introduction into the financial industry. Indeed, the rotations helped me to make an informed decision in choosing my career path. HKEX is uniquely positioned, interfacing with regulators, retail and institutional investors, data providers, the media, and other various financial institutions. And so, for a new graduate the exposure was invaluable.

The learning curve was undoubtedly steep and high quality work was expected of the Management Trainees regardless of background, but the programme equipped me with both technical and communication training to tackle any projects. I was given responsibility and participated in high impact and public-facing initiatives, and liaised with different teams and senior management in achieving my tasks. I felt valued as a team member and found the Management Trainee experience incredibly fulfilling and eye-opening.

Anson Wong
Bachelor of Engineering - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

HKEX provided me a comprehensive picture of how business strategies and technology synergise with the group’s vision to build the Marketplace of the Future. At the heart of capital markets, the exchange gave me the opportunity to help pioneer various digital transformation projects and to stay ahead of the rapid changes in financial markets and the technological realm. The Management Trainee programme also offered a unique opportunity to broaden my horizons and professional network as I rotated across different roles and responsibilities and worked with brand new stakeholders.

Having chosen Listing and Corporate Systems as my permanent placement, I am collaborating actively with individuals across the group on enterprise and client-facing technological solutions, which will enable smarter ways of operating our business and generate greater business value. As a project manager, I work with a wide range of stakeholders and am really amazed by the diverse culture of the company and the varied methodologies we apply to projects, such that we embrace ideas and deliver results effectively.

Ingrid Kung
Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Chinese Enterprise, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Management Trainee Programme provided me with opportunities to explore different business functions and roles within the organisation. I had the opportunity to rotate between essential business teams ranging from risk management and trading operations, to sales and marketing. This experience has proven valuable when I joined the Equities Product Development team upon completion of the Management Trainee Programme. Since product development and market structure enhancements often have a market-wide impact, my everyday work involves collaborating with different market stakeholders including regulators, market makers and issuers to assess project impact and work towards further enhancing our market.

These experiences have provided me with excellent exposure and helped develop my problem solving and analytical skills, which are essential for product development. Despite the steep learning curve and tasks that are often challenging, working at the Exchange has been an incredibly rewarding journey and I am proud to be able to contribute to the continual growth of HKEX and the Hong Kong financial market.

Iris Cheung
Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance - The University of Hong Kong

It was a precious opportunity to join the HKEX Management Trainee programme. I was delighted to gain exposure to different business functions, projects and strategies. The work nature was unique and the learning curve was steep, but I was fortunate to have all the support from my colleagues. I am glad to have started my career at HKEX, where I could learn and grow in a supportive environment. 

Throughout my journey at HKEX, I participated in a variety of impactful projects, ranging from product development to microstructure enhancements. These experiences provided me a lot of market insights and product knowledge. In addition, the opportunity to rotate across different departments sharpened my interpersonal and leadership skills, as well as enriched my social network. Though adapting to each new rotation can be challenging, it was definitely rewarding and fruitful in the end.

Our Programme.
Classroom Training.
Associates will go through intensive training with the goal of nurturing their technical skills, leadership skills, teamwork abilities and professional knowledge. Training is offered throughout the 24 months programme and includes workshops, and presentation skills training and problem-solving.
Departmental Sharing.
Associates will go through a four-week departmental familiarisation covering all divisions inside HKEX including Listing, Markets and Risk Management & Compliance. Associates will attend sharing sessions by senior staff from each department.
Exposure Opportunity.
Each of our Associates will rotate across various business functions. Wherever Associates are placed, they will have the opportunity to work with different business stakeholders and professionals in the industry. Through collaboration in cross-divisional projects and programmes, Associates will get hands-on experience and a broad overview of HKEX’s business and operations.
Opportunities at HKEX.
Build multiple skills
Our Associates are given the opportunity to rotate across different divisions of HKEX Group, offering them the chance to develop a very diverse skillset with a focus on practical application. Tasks are as varied as designing new traded products, consulting with buy-side funds, vetting IPO candidates, implementing international strategic projects or attending exchange industry events. We put an emphasis on developing creative, adaptable and multi-talented individuals able to seamlessly slot into even the most complex projects.
Gain international exposure
Our listed companies come from over 20 countries, and our market participants come from all around the world. You will be interacting with people from many different backgrounds, industries and geographies. Working hand-in-hand with LME in London and our three offices in Mainland China, you will be part of a multicultural team that is representative of HKEX Group's broader mission: "Connecting China and the World".
Understand the markets
From cash stocks, to currency futures, exchange-traded funds, metal options and derivative warrants - almost every type of financial instrument trades on one of HKEX's markets. If you're looking for well-rounded, hands-on knowledge of the markets, this is the place. We offer a unique opportunity in Asian markets
Balance life and work
We promote a supportive and healthy working environment at HKEX. Expect friendly colleagues, approachable senior management, and a multitude of social activities such as sports teams and volunteer work. To reward your hard work, we promote a transparent and fair reward system that reflects your performance directly in your compensation. We benchmark our compensation against other major international financial institutions to ensure that we have the best and brightest in the industry.
Application and Selection.

Please refer to the application link below and submit your application on or before 20 October 2023

To apply for 2024 HKEX Graduate Associate, please click here

To apply for 2024 HKEX Graduate Technology Associate, please click here


Selection Timeline 

Late October - Early November 2023: Online Assessment

Mid November - Late November 2023: HR Interview 

Late November - Early December 2023: Assessment Centre 

Remarks: Online assessment includes video interview, game-based assessment, and coding test (if applicable).


If you have any queries regarding the Graduate Programme, please email us at earlycareers@hkex.com.hk Personal data will only be used for the purpose of employment application to HKEX. For more information please see HKEX's Privacy Notice: Recruitment and Onboarding.


About HKEX.

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is a publicly-traded company (HKEX Stock Code:388) and one of the world’s leading global exchange groups, offering a range of equity, derivative, commodity, fixed income and other financial markets, products and services, including the London Metal Exchange.

As a superconnector and gateway between East and West, HKEX facilitates the two-way flow of capital, ideas and dialogue between China and the rest of the world, through its pioneering Connect schemes, increasingly diversified product ecosystem and its deep, liquid and international markets.

HKEX is a purpose-led organisation which, across its business and through the work of HKEX Foundation, seeks to connect, promote and progress its markets and the communities it supports for the prosperity of all.