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Business Continuity Management : COVID-19 Preparedness

Updated: 12 Mar 2020
  • HKEX Group as both a listed company, and operator of regulated exchanges and Central Clearing Counterparties (CCPs), recognises the important role it plays in global financial markets.
  • HKEX has an established and comprehensive business continuity management (BCM) framework that seeks to ensure service resiliency, availability and stability across our platforms, during and around unforeseen events, crisis, or out-of-the-ordinary operating environments.
  • In any company, organisation or infrastructure provider, BCM and response procedures consider various scenarios, seeking to minimise, and where possible, negate any impact on business services. HKEX’s framework has modelled and anticipated a broad range of scenarios, including pandemics.
  • With the outbreak of COVID-19 in late 2019 and early 2020, initially in China, then regionally and globally, the Group has enacted its BCM pandemic plan to address potential risks.
  • The Group places the utmost importance on managing the health and safety of its staff and the wider community.
  • The Group continues to monitor the evolving situation, including Government guidance and measures initiated, as part of the Preparedness and Response Plan. We also continue to liaise with industry bodies, regulators and experienced business continuity professionals.
  • As part of the Group’s response to this pandemic situation, and as used from time-to-time to address other relevant business continuity scenarios, the Group has employed a series of measures to mitigate contagion risk, ensure the ongoing operation of its business services and provide appropriate flexibility to staff during this challenging period.
  • The pandemic plan includes necessary protocols as part of a response to a number of contagion/infection related scenarios with preparations undertaken to ensure an efficient, effective and appropriate response should a suspected or confirmed case arise.
  • The Group’s plans consider the end-to-end provision of business services including its vendors and business partners.
  • Additionally, the Group has issued circulars to remind its participants of the importance of managing their daily operations and obligations in these difficult times. The Group is committed to supporting its participants as part of Hong Kong’s financial and social community.
  • The Group’s pandemic plan enables it to continue to serve the financial community with all its business services available.