The HKEX Impact Funding Scheme, in partnership with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, will enhance our outreach. It will channel another $10 million to support small proactive charities, without other major support, to run projects that bring positive change to our community.
Laura M Cha
HKEX Chairman and
Chairman of HKEX Foundation

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are fully aware of our responsibility towards the wider community in which we operate. Following the success of the HKEX Charity Partnership Programme, we are scaling up our philanthropic efforts by setting up the new HK$10 million HKEX Impact Funding Scheme. By working in partnership with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), we are able to support more grassroots charities which do not receive any regular government funding, to run short-to-medium term projects, serving a wider spectrum of people in need in our community.

Apart from aligning with the HKEX Foundation’s four themes, the HKEX Impact Funding Scheme also encourages innovation in services and solutions that address the social and environmental challenges of the society.

Apply for funding.

To reinforce the HKEX Foundation’s commitment to giving back to our communities, we expand the impact of our philanthropic effort by setting up a new HK$10 million funding scheme and we welcome charities to apply for a grant.

Eligible Applicants:
  • Agency member of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
  • Charitable organisations registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap 112)
  • Organisations that do not receive government's regular subvention (Except the funding for project-based services and services through the way of bidding)
Duration of Each Project:
Between 12-18 months
Funding Size of Each Project:
HK$500,000 to HK$1 million
Application Period:
5 July to 11 August 2021
Result Announcement:
Early Nov 2021
Programme Details and Application Form:
Download here

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

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Ms Yoyo Fung - 2876 2443/
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