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Stakeholder Engagement

HKEX’s success as an exchange controller and a listed issuer is largely based upon its stakeholders’ support. Stakeholder engagement is an integral part of HKEX’s business development and commitment to CSR. HKEX engages with its stakeholders to develop mutually beneficial relationships and to seek their views on its business proposals and initiatives as well as to promote sustainability in the Marketplace, Workplace, Community and Environment. HKEX’s Chief Executive always welcomes stakeholders to share their thoughts with him at

HKEX’s stakeholders are mainly those who (i) have invested or will invest in HKEX; (ii) have the ability to influence the outcomes within HKEX; and (iii) are interested in or affected by or have the potential to be affected by the impact of HKEX’s activities, products, services and relationships. Stakeholders are prioritised from time to time in view of HKEX’s roles and duties, strategic plan and business initiatives. The engagement approach is based on our engagement objectives and stakeholders’ level of interest and influence. The process and results of our stakeholder engagement are recorded, reviewed and reported publicly where appropriate, for accountability and transparency purposes.

Our engagement activities take on many forms, both formal and informal, ranging from public consultations on major market initiatives, monthly meetings with market regulators, and seminars and workshops for industry associations and investors, to interactive communication channels between employees and management.  With these on-going dialogues, our understanding of our stakeholders’ views and expectations is enhanced, enabling us to make more informed decisions, and to better assess and manage the resulting impact.