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The World Economic Forum (WEF) was hosted in January this year, bringing together leaders from government, business and civil society to discuss global issues and priorities. As a strategic partner to WEF, HKEX once again attended the annual meeting in Davos, from January 16 to January 20, taking the opportunity to engage with global leaders, share Hong Kong’s story and meet delegates from around the world.

Led by Chairman Laura M Cha and CEO Nicolas Aguzin, the HKEX delegation took part in a host of official panels, closed-door sessions, press interviews and keynote events, and met with clients, peers and partners. See what we got up to, read our thoughts on this forum, and view the latest photos and more on this dedicated WEF hub by HKEX.

Laura M Cha
Chairman, HKEX
Nicolas Aguzin
Chief Executive Officer, HKEX
Wilfred Yiu
COO & Co-Head of Markets, HKEX
Bonnie Y Chan
Head of Listing, HKEX
Matt Chamberlain
Chief Executive, LME

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Live from Davos
In a special “Live from Davos” series this year, HKEX executives will share what they’re hearing and seeing on the ground at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023 . Stay tuned for daily updates!
Day 1
16 January 2023

Live from Davos – Day 1

The World Economic Forum in Davos began in earnest on Monday and this year seems busier and bigger than ever. With an estimated 2,700 delegates – a marked increase on the 2,000 recorded  at  Davos in June 2022 and even up on pre-Covid numbers, the  bustling sidewalks and queuing cars were clear indicators that Davos is back in full swing.

Sustainability is again a key theme and permeates everything from the food on offer to the discussions lined up through the week. The rise and relevance of Asia is very much on the agenda and tech too is top of mind.

The largest Davos HKEX delegation to date is on the ground participating in the discussions and conversations that are shaping our world and offering up perspectives from Hong Kong and global markets. At the heart of Asia’s premier international financial centre and as the new economy marketplace of the world, HKEX is ideally placed to support the companies of tomorrow, the appetite of international investors and underpin the next phase of global growth.

Looking ahead to the coming days, our executives will be joining expert panels looking at prospects for the world economy, China’s reopening and the role of women in finance; as well as hosting a Hong Kong-themed breakfast event. Be sure to tune in for more on-the-ground updates from our HKEX team in Davos on all the comings, goings and new developments from this year’s event. 

Watch Nicolas Aguzin give an on-the ground update from Davos.

View Nicolas' video
Day 2
17 January 2023

Live from Davos – Day 2

Tuesday at this year’s World Economic Forum seemed even bigger after Monday’s strong start, with special sessions in the Congress Hall, featuring World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab, the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska, and the Vice-Premier of the People's Republic of China Liu He.

The HKEX team and the packed conference hall of delegates listened as Vice- Premier Liu He spoke at length about China’s reopening and his optimistic take on the prospects for China’s economy. These were themes that HKEX Chairman Laura M Cha and CEO Nicolas Aguzin themselves explored in their own panels on the second day of the annual forum – “Staying Ahead of a Recession” and “China’s Next Chapter” – in which they shared their views on China’s increasingly important global role and the relevance of Hong Kong to both the Mainland and international markets. These were also topics that featured in the HKEX team’s media interviews with CNBC and Bloomberg, where they again reiterated why Hong Kong is such a vital superconnector and why China will play a key role in the global economy as we look to the year ahead.

China and the world economy were top of mind on Tuesday, but there was a whole host of other sessions on subjects ranging from nuclear fusion and tokenization, to women’s rights and financial innovation – giving delegates plenty of food for thought. And WEF had clearly been thinking a lot about food, with a wide range of sustainable treats on this year’s Davos menu, such as broccoli salad and vegetarian pearl barley soup, all washed down with Davos spring water, freely available on tap and without a plastic bottle in sight.

On Wednesday, HKEX hosts a breakfast session entitled “Hong Kong Perspectives: Connectivity in an Evolving World” with an impressive lineup of speakers and a high calibre audience. Stay tuned for insights from the event and our latest observations from Davos, when we report back tomorrow.

Watch Laura M Cha give her take on what makes the World Economic Forum so special this year.

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Day 3
18 January 2023

Live from Davos – Day 3

A good breakfast is a great way to start the day, and Wednesday’s Hong Kong-themed breakfast event titled “Hong Kong Perspectives: Connectivity in an Evolving World” got the Davos Day 3 ball rolling in style.

Speakers and panelists from the Hong Kong family – including HKEX executives, HKSAR Financial Secretary and CEOs and chairmen from a number of Hong Kong companies – were joined by executives from global financial institutions such as Blackrock and General Atlantic. The discussions centred around global connectivity, China’s prospects, the Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong's relevance, making for a lively and thought-provoking morning. Read our wrap-up of the event publishing soon on our website for the full picture.

The connectivity that underpins Hong Kong and lies at the heart of the World Economic Forum was in full view throughout the day. The HKEX representatives met a range of international investors, banks and technology firms, as well as with innovators and entrepreneurs from the world of digital assets and e-commerce in South East Asia.

Day 3 also saw Laura M Cha join Standard Chartered’s luncheon on “Can Asia be the World's Oasis of Growth?” to discuss the role of Hong Kong in driving Asia’s prospects, and Wilfred Yiu and Matt Chamberlain take part in interviews with CGTN and Reuters respectively. Wilfred spoke at length about the opportunities for Hong Kong in the broader context of China’s reopening, while Matt discussed responsible sourcing and the wider trends impacting the global metals and commodities markets.

While the snow may be falling as we enter Day 4 of the World Economic Forum, Davos is still humming with activity – with new connections being made and old ones being strengthened.

Check out Wilfred Yiu’s take on WEF in our latest video update.

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Day 4
19 January 2023

Live from Davos – Day 4

The World Economic Forum is drawing to a close, but our HKEX delegation continues to be out and about, sharing our story and meeting both new and old friends from around the world.

The HKEX team took part in a number of media interviews and background meetings today. Nicolas talked with Davos regular Julia Chatterley at CNN, where he predicted that China’s reopening is likely to be the most significant event for global markets in 2023, and Matt discussed the latest developments at the LME with CNBC, sharing that the exchange is hopeful about reverting to Asian hours for nickel trading. 
Sustainability – a theme that has run through the week – was very much front and centre on Day 4. Bonnie took part in a number of sustainability-focused sessions, discussing climate change, diversity and good governance. A highlight of this was the annual Davos Women Leader’s Dinner. Watch our latest video to hear more from Bonnie at Davos.
After a packed few days, things are starting to slow down a little as the majority of the delegates, including the HKEX team, get ready to go back home on Friday. While the delegates are undoubtedly digesting the wide-ranging discussions and thinking about the opportunities created this week, the thrill of closing off another successful week at World Economic Forum is also kicking in. 

View Bonnie's video
Day 5
20 January 2023

Live from Davos – Day 5

It’s a wrap! The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023 has officially come to a close. This year saw our biggest delegation to date, and it’s been quite a week for HKEX, filled with lots of productive and high-energy meetings, events, panels, conversations, insights and exchanges. A very valuable forum where we have gained both knowledge and connections, and where we have also had the opportunity to share news of our own business and markets, and explain why we believe that Hong Kong and HKEX are super relevant to the world as it grapples with re-setting post Covid. 

Thank you for following our 2023 Davos journey – look out for our final wrap-up of the forum publishing soon on our website - catch you again next year!

Check out our last HKEX Davos 2023 video featuring Matt Chamberlain, where he gives his take on this year’s forum.  

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Hong Kong Perspectives: What’s Next for the Global Superconnector?

HKEX was proud to again bring together global leaders over breakfast at the World Economic Forum in Davos to take an in-depth look at Asia, the outlook for China and the evolving role of Hong Kong at the confluence of East and West.


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WEF Conversations

Nicolas Aguzin shared his views on the tech sector at the “China’s Next Chapter” panel discussion at Davos 2023.

China’s tech sector is moving full steam ahead. There’s now growing optimism for innovative Chinese companies looking to tap international markets. And we’re developing a new tech regime to attract these companies, connecting them with the capital they need to continue on their journey.
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WEF Conversations

Laura M Cha shared her views on the global market outlook at the “Staying Ahead of a Recession” panel discussion at Davos 2023.

Hong Kong markets remained resilient in 2022, with liquidity coming back and investor sentiment recovering in the latter part of the year. In 2023, while there’ll be pockets of recession globally, the reopening of China will be a key driver of growth. 
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WEF Conversations

Bonnie Y Chan contributed to a WEF article on how to stay focused on net zero in a time of turbulence.


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WEF Conversations

Laura M Cha recently penned a piece on the need for transformational change to fight climate change.


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Thoughts from the Plane

Laura M Cha | 13 January 2023

As I look out of the plane window at the world below, en route to the World Economic Forum in Davos, I am filled with anticipation and excitement about what the future will bring.


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