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HKEX Welcomes Government Appointments to its Board

Updated: 26 Mar 2020

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) today (Friday) welcomed the Government’s appointment of Susan Chow and the reappointment of Laura M Cha and Benjamin Hung to its Board of Directors.

The two-year terms of the three directors will begin at the conclusion of HKEX’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2020, and will end at the conclusion of the AGM in 2022.

“We warmly welcome the appointment of Mrs Susan Chow to our Board of Directors.  Her strong background in business and in legal services will be immensely valuable to the Board and to HKEX’s future development,” said HKEX Chairman Laura M Cha.

At the conclusion of the 2020 AGM, HKEX’s Board will consist of 13 directors, six elected by shareholders, six appointed by the Government, and the HKEX Chief Executive, who is an ex-officio member.

Biographical information of Susan Chow is available in HKEX’s announcement about the change in its directorate published today.