HKEX Milestones

As a leading global exchange group, we are proud to play a unique role in financial markets. We are both a market operator and regulator, running trusted and resilient markets that connect buyers and sellers, investors and issuers, ideas and capital.

We are also a corporate in our own right, running a business that is fully committed to connecting, promoting and progressing our markets and the communities they support for the prosperity of all.

This means that sustainability and strong ESG stewardship are at our core. We promote and advocate for this in a number of ways and on multiple fronts.

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As a market operator, we actively seek to facilitate the growth of the global sustainable and green finance ecosystem, promoting sustainability across our markets and supporting the region’s low-carbon transition.

Hong Kong’s first green bond
HKEX welcomed Chinese wind turbine maker, Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology, with their debut USD300 million green bond in 2015, issued by its subsidiary Goldwind New Energy HK Investment. The issuance was significant because it is the first green bond arranged and issued in Hong Kong and the first originating from China. It matured in 2018.
HKEX Sustainable milestone_Operator 2020
HKEX introduced the Sustainable and Green Exchange (STAGE)
STAGE is Asia’s first multi-asset sustainable investment product platform with information on green and sustainable bonds and ESG-related exchange traded products in the region. In 2021, HKEX expanded the platform’s scope to include equities, displaying information on the ESG ratings of Hong Kong listed companies.
HKEX Sustainable milestone_Operator 2021
HKEX published its Practical Net-Zero Guide for Business
An in-depth, practical guide published by HKEX to help companies chart their own net-zero journey – raising awareness of what is available in the market in terms of strategies, measures and products for companies to utilise for their own targets.
HKEX launched the Hong Kong International Carbon Market Council
In July 2022, HKEX partnered with a number of leading corporates and financial institutions across the region to explore carbon market development opportunities and contribute to the global efforts to achieving a low-carbon economy.
Carbon celebration
HKEX launched Core Climate
With guidance and support from the inaugural members of the Hong Kong International Carbon Market Council, HKEX launched Core Climate in October 2022 – a new international carbon marketplace that seeks to connect capital with climate-related products and opportunities in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Asia and beyond.
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