HKEX Milestones

As a leading global exchange group, we are proud to play a unique role in financial markets. We are both a market operator and regulator, running trusted and resilient markets that connect buyers and sellers, investors and issuers, ideas and capital.

We are also a corporate in our own right, running a business that is fully committed to connecting, promoting and progressing our markets and the communities they support for the prosperity of all.

This means that sustainability and strong ESG stewardship are at our core. We promote and advocate for this in a number of ways and on multiple fronts.

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As a market regulator, we are committed to promoting ESG transparency and advocacy among Hong Kong-listed companies through regulation, rules and market education.

“ESG Guide” added to Hong Kong listing rules
HKEX started providing companies with a clear framework for how they can consider and report on ESG matters, including guidance on carbon emission calculations and disclosures.
Milestone_Regulator 2016
ESG reporting became mandatory
In 2016, HKEX made it a requirement for Hong Kong issuers to demonstrate how they have performed on ESG matters through general disclosures and key performance indicators.
Milestone_Regulator 2019
Setting a board diversity policy became mandatory
HKEX mandated all IPO applicants with single-gender boards to set out their plans and measurable objectives to achieve board gender diversity in their IPO prospectuses.
The Hong Kong Green & Sustainable Finance Cross-Agency Steering Group (CASG)
The Hong Kong Green & Sustainable Finance Cross Agency Steering Group (CASG) launched with HKEX as a founding member. The CASG aims to further enhance market standards and align reporting taxonomy in Hong Kong. In line with its objective of mandating climate disclosures that are aligned with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), the HKEX ESG listing rules were enhanced to incorporate key elements of TCFD recommendations.
Milestone_Regulator 2021
The HKEX ESG Academy launched
HKEX launched a very popular and informative educational forum – for listed companies and market practitioners more generally – helping the Hong Kong financial and business community keep up to date on the latest ESG requirements, guidance materials and sustainability trends and news.
Milestone_Regulator 2022
HKEX became the first exchange in the world to ban single-gender boards
Effective 1 July 2022, HKEX banned single-gender boards in all new IPO applicants, with all existing issuers to follow suit by the end of 2024. To support this pioneering move, HKEX launched a new board diversity repository, providing transparency on the age, gender and tenure profile of listed issuers’ board of directors.
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