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Corporate Communications

Updated: 22 Mar 2019
Head : Ms Tori COWLEY 

Corporate Communications is responsible for developing communications strategies and messaging with HKEX management and various HKEX units, as well as creating, implementing and overseeing communications programmes. It aims to communicate the company's policies, practices and initiatives effectively to different stakeholders, promote corporate reputation and branding, and mobilise internal and external support for corporate objectives. It includes the following functions:

Media Relations

The media relations function is responsible for communicating HKEX's messages, maintaining the group's transparency and managing HKEX’s reputation among media and the public, primarily through regular communication with Hong Kong, Mainland, and international media. The team regularly develops communications messages, executes media activities, and closely monitors the media and public feedback.

Digital Communications

The digital communications function is responsible for managing the content on HKEX’s two main websites, the Group website ( and the Hong Kong Markets website (, as well as content on all of HKEX's social media channels (WeChat, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube). It is also responsible for developing other multimedia material and monitoring public opinion online.

Corporate Branding and Publications

The corporate branding and publications function is responsible for overseeing all corporate branding matters, including corporate sponsorship, advertisements, the design of publications and other HKEX communications items to ensure a corporate identity consistent with HKEX's positioning is presented.

Events Management

Events Management delivers high quality professional services to support strategic and core business initiatives across HKEX Group.  The functions of Events Management include (i) managing HKEX’s Group corporate and business events, (ii) organizing listing ceremonies, Market Open and Market Closing Ceremonies, (iii) coordinating corporate, business and VVIP visits, (iv) providing translation services and (v) manning the Group’s Interactive Voice Response System and handling written enquiries and complaints.