Updated : 17 Apr 2023

Head : Ms Katherine NG

Listing Division is responsible for supervising the listing process, the ongoing compliance by issuers with their obligations under the Listing Rules, and ensuring those rules reflect best international practices. It is organised into the following functions: 

IPO Vetting

IPO Vetting is responsible for processing applications for new equity listings, including transactions by listed companies deemed to be new listings. It also handles pre-IPO enquiries before filing of listing applications. In addition, it issues guidance to the market and formulates IPO policies.

Listed Issuer Regulation

Listed Issuer Regulation is responsible for ensuring a fair, orderly and efficient market for the trading of securities. It monitors listed companies' compliance with the continuing obligations of the Listing Rules including continuous disclosures by listed companies and their corporate governance practices, and processes their applications for listing of further equity issues. Listed Issuer Regulation also handles cancellations of listings, public complaints against listed companies and enquiries and requests for clarification of the application of the Listing Rules by listed companies and market practitioners.

Structured Products and Fixed Income

Structured Products and Fixed Income is responsible for processing listing applications of structured products and debt securities, monitoring post-listing compliance, handling complaints and investor education. It seeks to develop policy initiatives and enhance regulations to raise industry standard for the development of structured products and fixed income markets. 

Accounting Affairs

Accounting Affairs is responsible for all matters relating to accounting and auditing, including maintaining a financial statements review programme with a view to encouraging high standards of financial disclosure by listed issuers; making referrals to other regulatory bodies on suspected significant accounting and auditing irregularities identified in the financial statements of listed issuers; providing advisory services internally and vetting IPO applications on accounting and auditing matters; and recommending and implementing amendments to the Listing Rules in line with latest accounting, auditing, financial disclosure and regulatory developments.

Listing Enforcement

Listing Enforcement is responsible for investigating possible breaches of the Listing Rules and thereafter issuing regulatory letters (such as warning letters) or, in relation to more serious matters, initiating and conducting disciplinary proceedings before the Listing (Disciplinary) Committee.

Policy and Secretariat Services

Policy and Secretariat Services is responsible for implementing the policy agenda set by the Listing Committee, coordinating policy initiatives and developments, and taking the lead on policy matters affecting listing applicants, listed companies and the operation of Listing. It is also responsible for providing secretariat support to the Listing Committee and Listing Review Committee. In addition, it assists with Listing's regular and ad-hoc reporting obligations, provides research support and data analysis, formulates and monitors Listing's annual budget, contingency arrangements and also monitors the implementation of the Exchange's administrative, policy and support initiatives.

Listing Operational Risk and Control

Listing Operational Risk and Control is responsible for overseeing compliance, internal control and risk management matters related to the Listing Division. It seeks to design the Division’s policies and procedures and conduct necessary approvals to ensure these policies and procedures are appropriate and adequate to comply with obligations under relevant legislation and rules. In addition, it will participate in formulating operating protocols to ensure that policies and procedures are fully understood and effectively implemented.