Environmental Sustainability.
We promote awareness and understanding of climate change, and we support advocacy and educational programmes that encourage accountability and actions towards environmental protection.
Oi Hip Farm House
Oi Hip Farm House from Christian Oi Hip Fellowship Limited uses horticultural therapy to help people with mild intellectual or physical disabilities and to educate the public on the physical and psychological benefits of gardening and farming. Using a range of activities, including classes, tours and field rental, the three-year programme works to build physical and mental resilience.
Plastic-free Community

The need to raise public awareness on the importance of plastic reduction, and to encourage people to be part of the solution to plastic pollution, is the focus of the 17-month programme Plastic-free Community from Greeners Action. Starting in Yuen Long district, restaurant patrons are encouraged to bring their own reusable cutlery with a cash-back incentive at participating restaurants.

Sports ZERO: Sports with Zero Waste

Placing diversity, sustainability, and sports at its core, the three-year programme Sports ZERO from The Hong Kong Award for Young People, inspires young people to give plastic waste a second life. Participants collect plastic waste while kayaking to creating upcycled sports equipment that can be used in local communities. CareER, another HKEX Foundation’s charity partner, is also involved in this programme, helping with job placement for unemployed disabled youth.

Sustainable Life@Tin Shui Wai

Tin Shui Wai Community Development Network seeks to promote a sustainable human-nature relationship in the 18-month programme Sustainable Life@Tin Shui Wai. Centred around the community use of shared farmland, the project aims to build a closer connection with nature, and between participants while promoting sustainable agriculture and lifestyles.