Poverty Relief.
We support the underprivileged and those who are vulnerable by empowering social mobility and integration.
Everyone is a Community Carer - Integrated Care Service for Remote Rural Elders

Everyone is a Community Carer – Integrated Care Service for Remote Rural Elders from Sai Kung District Community Centre Limited facilitates the community social life of elderly residents in remote rural villages by training their neighbours as community carers to provide day-to-day support.  Adopting the “train the trainer” approach, the three-year programme hopes to build a community support network for carers and elderly residents which can enhance public awareness of elders’ needs.

"HOME" Community Support Scheme for Person with Hoarding Behaviours

People suffering from hoarding disorder are the focus of the three-year, multi-disciplinary programme “HOME” Community Support Scheme for Person with Hoarding Behaviours from The Salvation Army. The programme provides assessments of the severity of hoarding behaviours, counselling, and home clean-out services to help the users gradually regain control of their lives.


Playmobile@Community equalises the right to play for under-resourced children by building mobile community playgrounds and inspiring parents with low cost stay-at-home games. Over the course of the 15-month programme, children will be given chances to engage in recreational activities and participate in cultural life. By introducing shared playgrounds and the concept of right to play into the community, Playright Children’s Play Association aims to support interpersonal development and growth through the physical, sensory and social experiences that playtime offers.

Self-serve Food Hub

Self-serve Food Hub is a 12-month programme initiated by Bo Charity Foundation Limited that provides food assistance to underprivileged groups. As the first 24/7 food assistance centre in Hong Kong, it will be fully automatic, giving it a higher serving capacity while adding flexibility for the working poor, socially withdrawn, and deprived elderly.

The Inclusive School Programme

The Inclusive School Programme aims to build a culturally and socially inclusive learning environment for underprivileged students. During this 18-month programme, Teach for Hong Kong Foundation Limited aims to deepen understanding and collaboration among local students, ethnic minorities and new immigrants while encouraging participants to identify personal strengths and career interests. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Services for Restoring Physical and Psychological Wellness of Breast Cancer Patients
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. While traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is not the most common treatment, it has been proven to relieve the side-effects of western cancer therapies. The three-year programme from Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation Limited provides low-income patients with a range of services ranging from subsidised TCM consultations and acupuncture, to dietary advice and psychological counselling, and helps them reintegrate into the society.
Wheelchair Own Sweet Home

Enhancing the quality of life of elderly wheelchair users, while simultaneously creating jobs for unemployed senior citizens, is the focus of the three-year programme Wheelchair Own Sweet Home from 1st Step Association Limited. The programme recruits retired or unemployed senior citizens to provide services to wheelchair users, preparing them to live independently by offering home care, cooking, home safety classes, and home modification assessments. The programme also enhances the employability of the volunteers by providing ongoing vocational training.