Financial Literacy.
We promote financial literacy and help people from all walks of life improve their financial management skills and wellbeing.
Financial and Empowerment Education Programmes for Domestic Workers

Enhancing the financial resilience of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong is the focus of this 18-month programme from Enrich Personal Development Limited. The workshops, lunch-and-learn series, and mentorship programme will cover a range of personal finance management topics to help participants achieve their long-term financial goals.

Financial Smarty

Children get their first taste of the world of finance in this three-year programme Financial Smarty from Hans Andersen Club. Geared towards 4-8 year olds, the programme provides financial education using the power of storytelling and social simulation games backed by online educational resources to help them develop a positive money mindset. The course includes resources for parents to continue the lessons learned and teach their children about better money management.


Cultivating healthy financial management habits in secondary school students by reducing impulsive financial behaviour is the focus of the three-year programme MoneyWise from Hong Kong Family Welfare Society. The programme covers essential financial management skills and educates the students on the different financial traps they may encounter. MoneyWise utilises experiential learning, allowing the students to make their own financial decisions in a range of experience real-life scenarios. The course aims to guide teenagers in making informed financial decisions for their future.

Project WHOLE – Little Wealth and Health Manager Incubation Programme WHOLE

Project WHOLE, a three-year programme from Community Drug Advisory Council, equips Ethnic Minority primary school students with financial knowledge and health tips through school-based training and community-based activities.  Students are trained to become “wealth and health leaders” to share knowledge and skills with their families and friends. A wide range of financial topics are covered from budgeting and resource management to wise spending and savings habits.

Young Mother Money Journey Project

Young Mother Money Journey Project helps young mothers, relieving their financial and mental stress by empowering them to become financially independent and achieving their personal goals. Focusing on young mothers at financial risk, the 15-month project from Teen’s Key – Young Women Development Network Limited offers a series of workshops to equip them with essential financial planning and vocational skills, and to encourage long-term peer support on the road to realising their dreams.