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Management Functions

Updated: 29 Apr 2016

HKEX has a defined management structure for handling every business matter.

  • The Board gives direction and make decisions on the Group’s strategies, policies, business plan and financial budget in accordance with the Board’s terms of reference and Board’s principal roles and functions. It delegates certain management and operational functions to the Executive Committee and the Management Committee and reviews such arrangements periodically to ensure that such arrangements remain appropriate to the Group’s needs.
  • The Executive Committee has been delegated with the responsibility to monitor and review policies in relation to the launch of new products/services by the Group. It also oversees the Group’s compliance with its Memoranda and/or Articles of Association (where applicable).
  • The Chief Executive’s roles and responsibilities as delegated by the Board is supported by the Management Committee which operates under the Chief Executive’s leadership and supervision. The Management Committee plays an important role in enabling cross-functional collaboration and facilitating more comprehensive evaluation of business and operational issues. It aims to meet at least 2 times every month.
  • The senior executives attend the meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee, by invitation, where they report on the Group’s performance on a regular basis, provide input and perspective on their areas of responsibility, and furnish the Board and the Executive Committee with accurate, timely and clear information to ensure the effective direction and control of the business and assess the management’s performance.
  • HKEX has a robust culture of good governance, including maintaining high ethical standards and strong personal integrity – all employees have defined roles and responsibilities, and are subject to a Code of Conduct as set out in the Human Resources Manual (see Key Policies and Guidelines for HKEX Employees), which imposes on them specific obligations regarding ethics and principles in accordance with which the Group’s business is conducted.