Head of Fixed Income Indices
Bloomberg L.P.

Based in New York, Nick manages the global fixed income index product team at Bloomberg. The main responsibilities of his team include: new product development and research, ETF pipeline and senior relationship management, consulting with clients on development of custom index products, marketing/support of the entire suite of fixed income indices, implementation of robust governance structure and process.  Nick has been with the index business since 1992 at Lehman Brothers and subsequently at Barclays since 2008.  

In his years at Lehman Brothers he managed the U.S. index team from 1998 – 2005 and managed the global index business from 2005 – 2008.  He also worked extensively marketing the portfolio management tools PC Product and POINT. 

Nick began his professional career at JP Morgan working from 1987-1992 in their systems development department.  He holds an M.B.A. in finance from New York University and a B.A. in computer science and mathematics from Boston College.