Updated : 22 Nov 2023
  • Pursuant to Section 61 of the SFO (Chapter 571 of the Laws of Hong Kong ), no person shall be or become a Minority Controller (ie, a person who either alone or with any associated person or persons is entitled to exercise, or control the exercise of, 5 per cent or more of the voting power at any general meeting of HKEX) except with the SFC’s approval in writing after consultation with the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong.
  • Article 53 of the Articles of Association provides that when a person becomes a Minority Controller of HKEX (ie, one who is entitled to exercise or control the exercise of 5 per cent or more of the voting power at any general meeting of HKEX), he shall forthwith provide written notice to HKEX stating whether he has obtained the SFC’s approval under the SFO. More information about the approved Minority Controllers is disclosed in the annual reports.
  • The SFC has so far granted approval to 13 entities to be Minority Controllers.
  • On 4 June 2018, HKEX was notified by Hong Kong Monetary Authority that the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Government”) has increased its shareholding in HKEX, for the account of the Exchange Fund, to 6.00%. The Government's interests in the shares and underlying shares of HKEX (within the meaning of Part XV of the SFO) as recorded in the register required to be kept under Section 336 of the SFO, or as otherwise notified to HKEX and The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited are available in financial reports published by HKEX from time to time.