Updated : 14 Mar 2012
  • HKEX has only one class of shares, all shares have the same voting rights and are entitled to the dividends declared. The Articles of Association set out the rights of our shareholders.
  • Shareholders have the right to receive corporate communications issued by HKEX in hard copies or through electronic means.
  • Shareholders whose shares held in the Central Clearing and Settlement System (CCASS) may notify HKEX from time to time through Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited if they wish to receive HKEX’s corporate communications.

Shareholders and other stakeholders may send their enquiries and concerns to the Board by addressing them to Company Secretary (click here for contact details). The Company Secretary forwards communications relating to matters within the Board’s purview to the independent Directors, communications relating to matters within a Board committee’s area of responsibility to the chair of the appropriate committee, and communications relating to ordinary business matters, such as suggestions, inquiries and consumer complaints, to the appropriate executive of the Group.