HKEX at Future Investment Initiative 2022
Oct 28, 2022
5 mins

This week, HKEX was delighted to attend the Future Investment Initiative (FII) 2022 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with a senior team led by Chairman Laura M Cha and CEO Nicolas Aguzin. The delegation shared news on Hong Kong's markets and the exciting growth story of Asia, participating in two plenaries and a fireside chat, as well as several media interviews and a range of other engagements, including co-organising a Hong Kong-focused breakfast. On the sidelines of FII, the team held over a dozen bilateral meetings with customers, friends and partners and is travelling to the UAE next to continue its Middle East engagement programme.

The week-long programme gave the HKEX team the chance to speak about the opportunities in Hong Kong, Mainland China and across the region and reiterate HKEX’s important role as a global superconnector and IFC. Themes such as connectivity, sustainability and innovation were the focus of engagements.

Below are some key highlights of comments made by the HKEX delegation at FII 2022:

On Asia and China's Growth Story
The orbit of the global economy is shifting eastwards, and the capital markets of East Asia are becoming more vital to funding the aspirations of global investors, corporates and sovereigns. China is central to this trend. Its development in the last few decades has been one of the great economic transformation stories. Right now, Mainland China has vast pools of untapped capital looking to connect with global markets. Hong Kong is the most international city in China, and the most Chinese city outside the Mainland, giving it an unrivalled position as a superconnector between China and the world.
Laura M Cha, HKEX Chairman

In the last few months, we have seen a number of new initiatives focused on Hong Kong’s markets that signal China’s ambitions to open up to the world: the inclusion of ETFs in Stock Connect, the announcement of Swap Connect and the expansion of the suite of derivatives products. I believe China wants more connectivity with the world and their key objectives continue to include promoting growth, and the further opening up of their markets. In particular, we see great opportunities in the technology sector, based on the number of Mainland technology companies that list on our markets, as well as in the sustainability space.
Nicolas Aguzin, HKEX Chief Executive Officer

Greater transparency and harmonised standards for corporate disclosure are essential in supporting the collective efforts and long-term plans for green finance solutions. At HKEX, we see ourselves as a change agent and are committed to driving ESG awareness, enhanced regulations and high standards of responsible corporate governance through our multiple roles. Specifically, our ESG Academy helps Hong Kong issuers and investors develop a clear understanding on the evolving ESG requirements.
Laura M Cha, HKEX Chairman

The annual FII event in Saudi Arabia is a major global conference and an important platform to connect, engage and deepen dialogue with business and financial leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, state leaders and change agents. HKEX looks forward to further strengthening its cross-regional collaboration with partners from the Middle East and around the world.

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