Getting to Know FINI, HKEX’s New Digital IPO Settlement Platform!
Nov 21, 2023


HKEX’s new digital IPO settlement platform, FINI, will modernise Hong Kong’s IPO settlement process, shortening the settlement cycle from T+5 to T+2. Here, we answer a few of the frequently asked questions about FINI and explore some of the benefits it brings to the market.

1. What is FINI? 

2. What is “T+2” IPO settlement cycle?

3. Under the new pre-funding model, are investors no longer required to fully prepay their subscription monies at the time of IPO application?

4. How does FINI benefit investors in general?

5. Do investors need to use FINI?

6. After FINI’s launch, are general investors still required to provide their ID numbers when subscribing for IPO shares?

7. Can FINI help in market surveillance?

8. Can investors subscribe for IPO shares through individual Investor Participant (IP) Accounts?

9. After the launch of FINI, can investors still apply for physical share certificates?

10. Will FINI process settlements other than in IPOs?

To find out more about FINI, click here.