Updated : 11 Aug 2021
Consists of at least 4 INEDs

Major roles and functions
  • To advise the Board on the Group’s risk appetite, profile and tolerance
  • To oversee risk management framework to identify and deal with financial, model, operational, information security and cyber risks, and risks associated with the strategic direction, new products and change initiatives of the Group
  • To review the Group’s risk policies, risk reports and breaches of risk tolerances and policies
  • To consider current top and emerging risks and risk exposures relating to the Group’s business and strategies to ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place to control and mitigate the risks effectively
  • To review the effectiveness of the Group’s risk control/mitigation tools and risk management functions 
  • To monitor the effectiveness of controls across key risk types and controls to manage regulatory obligations and compliance risks across key functions  

Operating mode
Meet at least 4 times a year with additional meetings as the work demands

Risk Committee Report
The work done during each year is summarised in the Risk Committee Report as contained in the annual report