Director, Beijing Technology and Business University

Professor Yuyue Hu
Professor Yuyue Hu is a famous economist and futures expert. He graduated from Nanjing University in 1983. He is the Professor and Director of Securities and Futures Institute of Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU).

Professor Hu serves in a number of posts concurrently, including as Vice President of the China Business History Society, as a consultant to the futures law drafting team of the National People's Congress, a part-time professor with the China Agricultural University, Central South University and Qingdao University; the Executive Director of the Capital Enterprise Reform and Development Research Association; and as the Director of Beijing Business Administration Institute.

Professor Hu serves as a committee member on the Shanghai Futures Exchange’s and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange’s Strategic Development Committee, as well as the Deputy Director of the expert committee of the Dalian Commodity Exchange. Professor Hu is also a commentator for Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and BTV (Beijing TV Station).

He has published more than 500 academic theses and is the author of "China's Futures Market Operating Mechanism", "China Commodity Futures Price Forming Theory and Empirical Analysis”, “Futures Markets” and “Frontier Problem Research of Futures Market”.